Saturday, September 15, 2007

Are we infidels?
So, September 11 I'm driving kids to school and I notice a few flags up and I think, what is today? Not that I wasn't remebering Sept 11, I just thought it was still a month away. Just like I wondered why we hadn't been to speech and realized it was because it was Thursday night and Tuesday was two days ago. I need my mommy still to help me remember these things, but that's about as realistic as one of my incognito children telling me to remind said child next time it needed to go to the bathroom. Like my brain is attached to my offspring's bladder!
Anyhow, I was remembering that day, and all the commentary afterwards, and I couldn't get over the reactions to why this happened. Now, I don't think we deserved it, but I also don't think it was because Osama Bin Laden is jealous of our wealth. Hello! He's got more than most of the rest of us combined!
Now, America is a great place, and I am proud to be an American, but we are not perfect and that is why sometimes I'm also embarrassed to be an American. I think we should all have a class in school called Looking at Us From the Outside In. Then maybe we could see that our influence isn't always good. Just take a look at the media we are putting out into the world: sex, violence, materialism, lowered dress standards, really stupid reality shows...And sometimes whether we mean well or not, like a meddling in law or neighbor, we offend. What if we said sorry? It might not take care of everything, or replace other defense tactics, but it might be a good preventative measure. What if we figured out what we did wrong? Could we at least stop doing some of that stuff in the future? What if we really got to know our neighbors and appreciate them? Maybe our neighbors could actually get a chance to see our nice side, too. Just a thought.

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