Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Was Silly

 I wish I had a little camera built into my glasses and I could just click pictures at any given moment, and the picture would look just like what I'm seeing or focused on. (Maybe Google glasses will get there someday). As it is, I have these great pictures in my mind that I can't just post here, but they will always be in my head, and my heart.  One of my favorite things that happened was the day before Christmas eve, I got a message from an old mission companion (she's not old, my mission was just a long time ago ( yes younger people, I know that sounds like dissonance, but don't go there- one day you will be my age and you will see how young old people are.)) and anyways, she was in Spanish Fork! She is from Santiago and we tried to meet up when I went back to Chile, but never could arrange it. So I went and got her and had a nice visit till way too late! It is amazing that you can live with someone for like 2 months and even have some difficult times, and still be like sisters some thirty years later. It was so cool, I just love my buddy Cholito, aka Marisol Catal├ín. She is a really strong, amazing, wonderful, hard working, loving and diligent woman, a super mom and grandma. I will never forget our adventure with waxing- which didn't end well for me, or when we realized it was my hump day and I had been on my mission 9 months so she dressed me like I was 9 months pregnant for a picture to send home to mom. Good times! Then there was the time she needed an antibiotic and gave herself a shot because I was too chicken to learn to give shots on her. (She already knew how to give shots, I still don't) I decided she was wonder woman that day. Anyways, you'd think I would have the prescence of mind to take a picture together when we met up, but no....I did not.
Christmas Eve we just had a nice dinner and time with our kids and I didn't take pictures of the yummy food because we were busy eating it and that is the main sensory experience there if you ask me. I did tape a bit of present opening but it is the dorkiest thing ever so I don't know why I always record it, it is always really bad filming.
Christmas day we got up early to a snow covered wonderland that was nice to look at if not to step in, and I planned to take pictures but never got around to it. Instead, we went to church which was just a combined sacrament meeting with another ward, nice music and talks, a really sweet Christ centered way to spend the morning. Then in the afternoon we went to my parents and watched all the kids open their present from their grandma which were all quilts she made each of them- totally amazing! That was awesome and I wished I could take a picture but I didn't have my phone with me, and the moment would be gone by the time I got something so I just enjoyed it. The kids loved them!
So what is silly about all that you ask? Well, let me tell you. I was listening to the radio recently and a linguist was talking about words and how they evolve, and gave the example of a word that started out meaning blessed, and then over time, that came to mean innocent, and over more time it took on a connotation of weak, which over time led to it being used to mean mentally weak which led to meaning  absurd or foolish, or commonly it is used today to mean doing something funny but ridiculous... the spelling and pronunciation have shifted just a bit too, but the word is SILLY! And I kind of like the idea of silly meaning blessed. I know, I am so silly!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Little Fashion Truth

A while ago, I was in the store and saw a thin, softy, cheapo, shawl like blanket thing and thought it would be perfect to drape over my frozen body in the many air conditioned places I have to spend too much time in, so I bought it.  Later, I noticed the tag said it is a blanket scarf.  Hmmmm...amidst the dizzying number of thoughts and activities going on over the course of the next few days, that label bubbled to the surface of my consciousness and I thought- wait a sec..this must be some new fashion thing! So I looked up how to wear a blanket scarf, and It IS a thing.  See here. Except, no matter how much origami you want to subject it to, it is definitely still a blanket in my mind. A shawl-like blanket maybe, but a blanket.  The only way I can conceive of this object being a scarf is if I were Madame Maxime.  Literally, I can hold the corners and spread it out nearly the length of my arm span, and if the bottom touches the floor, it comes up to my chin. The tips I got from the link show a supposed 20 ways to wear your scarf, but somehow, they seem to be 5 ways repeated with different pictures and wording. Tip number 2 says if you want to make it look less huge, fold it in a triangle and wrap the top ends around your neck and back front, which makes it look for all I can see like a tablecloth posing as a bib. Tip 3 says Own your huge scarf and wear it looped around your neck. Add glam accessories like a fur vest, heels and big sunglasses to look more dressed up. Yes, I would recommend that, because if you chose pajama pants, a t-shirt, and flats, everyone would assume you woke up late and rushed out the door as is, blanket still tangled around your neck in your haste to get to work on time.... OR you can "Wear your blanket scarf as a cape, then drape it over one shoulder to look (like you are wearing a) super chic (picnic blanket)". Tip 8, my favorite-Tie your scarf over one shoulder to give off an easygoing vibe...of a Scottish Hindu American with no fashion sense when it comes to saris.

Tip 13-If you have too much fabric left over after looping it around your neck like you would a normal sized scarf, just tie the ends like so- or, you could take a tip from my book and cut the sucker down to size to scale with your body. Let me just say that if you want to wear the blanket as a scarf,  be my guest, but personally I will think you are trying to keep your childhood blankie close at hand, should you need it's comfort at any given moment. Now, put that on pint- sized me, and I will look like I am about to be swallowed by a blanket. You can drape the blanket over your shoulders and belt it, thus trying to pass it off as a vest, as tips 5,6,7,11,and 20 all depict, but in my mind, you wrapped a blanket over your shoulders and belted it to keep it from slipping off.   OR whoop de doo! you can skip the belt and just let it hang loose in front, and if you wear a cool hat, no one will suspect you are wearing a blanket! If I'm going to be completely transparent , I must reveal my hypocrisy in this disdain for wearing blankets as scarves. For years I have been wearing blankets under the pseudonym of poncho, but somehow it was easier to believe as a coat substitute than as a fashion statement. I mean, I just assumed we all understood that ponchos were blankets with a slit or a hole added to accommodate our heads. Don't get me wrong, I am ALL. FOR. making it socially acceptable and chic to run around with a blanket as an accessory, I just think we should be honest about what we are doing and not call it a scarf.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This Is Not the Blog design I Wanted

This remake is getting off to a sad start because I have bad techno karma.  Plus, for some reason, every program, every app, every operating system must be "updated" so often that everything is always changing and what you want to do, what was once a simple thing to do- be it yesterday or ten years ago, is now no longer possible or is much much more difficult to do. Why, oh why oh why isn't it getting better, easier, simpler? So, my header makes me sad because The lettering doesn't have the contrast I want if I do it in blogger, or if I insert my own, the way I want it, I still have to have a typed in thing all over it too.  My background picture also cannot be inserted because I can no longer change it's size. Anywhere. And this is a whiny stupid post I will only publish to say- this isn't what I wanted yet.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Little But Loud

This blog has just sat here for years. My kids got older. Sadly, my floor doesn't look all that different sometimes in some rooms.  My life is different. Raising teenage boys is different, so if I start writing again, I feel like this blog will be different. I feel like writing a lot, but I don't know if it will happen, because life is crazy busy. If I do ever start writing though, I would like to change my background and subject matter and everything, but keep it here, where I have all my other memories. All this is just to explain why I am posting a screen shot of my header and background here, where I can remember it, and separate the old from the new. I kinda hope I find the time to create the new soon. I don't know about you, but the suspense is killing me. Will I write next week, next year, or next decade? I love surprises! How nice that I can surprise myself.  Or, maybe just look back and enjoy the record I have of the little kid years. It was fun, the past; how quickly it all disappeared....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Big Y

Years ago when the Things were little we were riding in the car and Thing 2 kept saying, w, w, w, big W.... I finally asked him why and he said " Y, Big Y! "  we found out about the big Y this month. Up on the mountain above us is a big letter Y, for BYU.  People hike up there all the time, whole families go. Some people hike it every day for exercise.  People, but not me. I've never been there.

    We now go to the day before Independence day. Huck had been bugging Papi to find out if they were going to have a Young Men's activity or not.  Someone called Papi about 6:15 to tell him they were going to hike the Y.  He didn't plan on telling the boys because he doesn't like sending them on riskier activities without their own personal escort.   But right before 6:30, Huck walked in the room as Papi was about to go to the church and he had compassion on him and asked him if he wanted to go.  He said he did, and left with him.  Well, Papi wasn't going to be with the YM this time, and about an hour later I got a call from our Bishop.  He couldn't reach Papi, and his connection with me wasn't that great. All I heard was something fell. Then he came through more clearly. Huck fell. On the mountain. They wanted to have the paramedics check him as he hit his head and scraped his back.  In my mind's eye, this was maybe oh he slipped, hit his head slid a few yards on his back, not fun, probably ought to be checked.  Lovely, would I ever manage to get this kid grown before getting himself killed?- I wondered aloud.  I talked to Huck, tried to calm him down so he wouldn't worry.  He was sobbing that he was sorry, that he was scared.  I assured him he'd be all right and not to worry, everyone would take good care of him.  
  Then Papi walked in and I told him what happened . He said he wished he had  followed his instincts and left him home.  Then he said he was going up there and for me to wait at home.  The next time I talked to him, they were on their way to the hospital and he told me Huck had cuts and bruises all over his body. It must  have been quite a tumble! I had to keep waiting as the hospital might want to ask about meds and all. I told the other boys their brother had fallen off the mountain.  Tom asked, "Did he survive?" I assured him he did but would be pretty sore.  They called to get his info while they were stitching him up just so I could hear him cry.  Papi told us to bring up two mattresses to make him a bed in the living room as he wasn't going to be able to go up and down stairs.  Tom was very helpful.  
When they finally got home, with two scout leaders helping to carry him in, I got their eyewitness version of what happened. I am here to tell you if I were an eyewitness, I would have had a heart attack so you wouldn't be able to hear my version. He didn't realize hopping from one rock to another on that steep angle would speed him up so he couldn't stop and would finally lost control and go flying.   He fell roughly 200 feet, all the way from the fork in the Y just about. He bounced on and over huge rocks like a rubber ball flying through the air, and stuck it at the bottom, about a meter from another big drop below there.  His leaders thought he'd be dead or paralyzed when they reached him.  But, although his head and knee had big gashes and he was bleeding, scraped and bruised all over, he was mostly just scared his dad would be mad at him.  So much so, people kind of looked askance at Papi when he got there.  Like maybe he was going to yell or something? What did they think? He'd hit him? After the fact I discovered he was afraid Papi would be mad because the ambulance would cost lots of money. Hopefully he sees the difference now between parents yelling at him to please not waste things that cost money and having money to care for you when you need it.  Ahem! So, Papi was a model parent and took good care of him, imagine that! 
Anyhow, the leaders also gave him a blessing, before I even got the call, and they told me when the paramedics first saw this face, they were worried about his missing ear.  Too bad no one was in the mood to joke around. ..." What?! My ear's gone?! Find it, quick!"   I'm so terrible....Huck now thinks it's so cool they took him down the mountain on an ATV to the ambulance.  He got 13 stitches in his knee and about 8 in his head, I could never see that too good through his black hair.  He literally couldn't walk he was so sore, or lie down flat or roll over.  I couldn't even hug him because everywhere hurt! He had huge scrapes and raw skin on his back and hip and his forehead which was all swollen.  he was a mess.  I figured it would take a few weeks for him to be able to move like normal again. We ended up propping him on pillows on the couch instead and Tom used the mattress to be by him and take care of him all night if he needed it.  Not that I could sleep after his traumatized leaders told me the tale of his near death experience.  Plus, I had to check on him every few hours. Huck told me the whole way down he thought he was going to die.  All night when he dozed off he dreamed he was falling and couldn't stop.  I wondered if it would affect his diving once he was able again: would he be afraid he was falling when he dove now? 
Ok, I didn't take pictures that day or the fourth which was spent taking care of him.  That Saturday I decided to take pictures before there was nothing left to take pictures of.  Every day he was remarkably improved over the previous day.  These pictures really look oodles better than he did the first day.  
No raw skin now, just scrapes.  How did he not break a rib? Or his hip?
 No swelling left, no raw skin, and half the scabs are already gone!
The bad knee is still bandaged here.
Even at the worst, it was hard to see the stitches and bloody head scars, but they look way better here.  At this point, he was walking around with a chair as a crutch.  His team sent him a card, just what I had been thinking....
This whole thing has been so incredible- he still has a slight scar from a scraped up eye from last summer, but there is hardly a bruise or scab on him anywhere at this point, just less than 2 weeks later. Everyone is just amazed.  The only thing that still hurts some is his hip.  He got his stitches out Saturday, 10 days in, and that afternoon we went to the rec center.  He was able to do everything he normally would.  Then he goes to dive.  I in my insanity assumed he will do a simple forward dive. Oh no, he takes off and does a triple somersault. He almost completely made that last rotation... But he smacked his lower back on the water, which didn't feel too hot.  So we decided he can dive, but he's not ready to smack just yet, which happens in diving, so he's giving it another week.  I had hoped he'd learn a bit of healthy fear or at least carefulness from all this, but I wasn't so sure he really had.  Then Sunday, he calls me all excited to watch a video. ....He wants to go skydiving this summer! Right... Over my dead body, not his!  Just one question... Did any of these people survive?  You notice they never show them actually landing.....I am amazed and confused at this personality type.  And scared spitless to be the mom of one of them. (Give me strength!) So, I've decided to look on the bright side.  We are enjoying a miraculous recovery from a miraculous near miss.  I'm so glad today I'm not grieving a tragedy.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Beauty Campaign Rocks!

My friend Dinorah who got me to do Dressing Your Truth, said I should be a poster child for them. Then Shazam! The next thing I knew, I found out I was going to be one! Her wish was the Universe's command. All I did was answer a survey, and suddenly, I got an invitation to be a part of this campaign. They have partnered up with My Beauty Campaign, which is a mission that a group of photographers have set up to help every woman be able to say she is beautiful, and mean it.
 The founder, Mandi Nuttal was my photographer. She is really sweet and professional.  I told her I always felt like a stick figure in photographs so she agreed to help me learn to pose.  It turns out that it's simple. If you stand there trying to look natural, you don't.  If you stand like a contortionist, in the most unnatural stance possible, with your shoulder bend one way, your leg thata way, your hip at yet another angle, and your head just so, which doesn't align with any of your other body parts,  you will look natural!  I know: it's paradoxical, but it's true. Plus, you feel so silly it makes you smile quite naturally! Whoda thunk! Mandi is also really good at putting you at ease. That could help too, as well as all that camera magic stuff she does.  
  So, I finally went and visited the DYT people for this photo shoot and they aren't little people on my computer screen, they are real life people who are bigger than me! (Sure that one shocks you all). And nicely enough, they are kind, gracious, helpful and overall fun to hang out with in real life too. Emily helped style my hair which my lovely daughter Erika cut so well, and also did my makeup really sweet. Sara helped pick outfits for me and found awesome jewelry for me to wear. I don't think I ever got to play dress up with friends as a kid, (mostly because I was playing with boys,) but now I got my chance to do that. Fun! Their store is fun to shop in too guys, even the cashier is a real buddy.  I controlled myself and didn't waste all my money. So now I want to go back and waste all my money.   Ha! 
So the other half of this is once I got selected, I had to go through a series of exercises to help me see my inner and outer beauty. It was kind of a journey of where I've come from to where I'm at now, and where I'm going. It is such a sweet program, I would love to give this experience to so many amazing and beautiful women I know, especially the ones that don't realize how beautiful they are- not to mention all the girls out there just starting their journey as women. It is a bit silly that at the age when I'm supposed to start falling apart, all these things are happening to stick me back together again and look better than I ever have. I keep thinking that at this rate I'm going to be the most awesome looking cadaver ever to grace a coffin ;)-Ha, ha! The Dressing Your Truth course has helped me appreciate everyone's beauty so much more, even though I already did think everyone was beautiful in their own way already. It would be so fun to send everyone to have themselves fixed up and photo shot like a model...So, when I become a millionaire, I will be sending you all to go through this course.  (:. (If you're really interested, you might not want to wait around for that- Just sayin'!) 
so, ya wanna see my pictures?! I will try to post them now. Wish me luck, this is the techy part which is the part of my life that has simultaneously fallen into an abyss along the same timeline of this beautiful energy type saga. I'll spare you those details (today anyway).

 There's more but this was so painful to try to postl, I may regress to snail mail and telephone calls...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to ...

So after a long pause, I'm posting to explain how to make a necklace. I saw a necklace on pinterest I liked so over time I hunted down the beads I needed and figured out how to put it together. So now people are asking how to do it and this is the best place for me to put together a picture how to, so here goes. This is the finished necklace.
Here is the layout of each section. There are 11 rows. For each row you need two pins, a big chain and a small chain, two gold beads, a small lime bead, a raspberry bead, a pink bubble gum bead, and an oval turquoise bead. Line up the chains so that you string the first row in the very middle link of each chain. 
The top pin will have the green bead, all the way to the last gold bead on it and the bottom pin will just have the turquoise bead on it.  Here are the first steps: 
See, we have strung the green bead first and then the middle link of the smaller chain.
So as you can see, you simply string the raspberry bead next after the chain, then a gold bead and then a pink bead.
Next, string the middle link of the largest chain on and follow with another gold bead. After this we will use pliers to make a ring to close off the row.
I forget the name of these pliers, but as you can see the tips are rounded. So, you bend the wire back, then twist it around the tip, like so:
OK ,now we will set that down and take the other pin and string the turquoise bead onto it.
We are then going to twist the end just like we did with the top side of the row.
Use wire cutters to clip off the excess wire on both pins.  You can use your pliers to make sure the ring on the top pin is securely closed.  Leave the ring on the turquoise bead side slightly open so you can hook it through the top ring.
Then make sure you close it off tightly as well.  This will all seem quite awkward if you have never done this before.  Practice makes perfect or better yet, good enough, so make sure you have lots of pins to practice on.  Now you will be doing 5 more rows on each side of this one, in exactly the same fashion. Here's the tricky part. 
This is upside down really, but as you string the chains on each additional row, make sure the chain is not twisted. just flatten it out by running your finger down the chain.  
Make sure on the larger bottom chain that you string the next row 3 links out from the last row.  But, on the little chain on top, you are gradually going to string the links closer together so that the necklace curves nicely.  This will depend on the sizes of your chains so just practice stringing the pins through to make sure you find the right intervals.  My first rows from the center on the smaller top chain were 5 links apart and then I went to four and then three links apart. After you do this, you'll want to place the hook and eye closure on the ends of the bottom larger chain
You use a jump ring for this, which we will also use in the next step so I'll move ahead. Choose the spot where the smaller chain will meet the larger chain on a model or yourself if no one will help. (Not sure why boys aren't up for that job, but oh well. ) Open a jump ring, easy with just your hands or pliers,
and hook it to the ends of the small chain and then hook that to the sweet spot on the large chain where it hangs nicely. You can just mark the links so you don't have to do this on a person. Once you thread the jump ring through the two chains, close it back off with the pliers. That's it! Ta da! You can make matching earrings as well!