Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Was Silly

 I wish I had a little camera built into my glasses and I could just click pictures at any given moment, and the picture would look just like what I'm seeing or focused on. (Maybe Google glasses will get there someday). As it is, I have these great pictures in my mind that I can't just post here, but they will always be in my head, and my heart.  One of my favorite things that happened was the day before Christmas eve, I got a message from an old mission companion (she's not old, my mission was just a long time ago ( yes younger people, I know that sounds like dissonance, but don't go there- one day you will be my age and you will see how young old people are.)) and anyways, she was in Spanish Fork! She is from Santiago and we tried to meet up when I went back to Chile, but never could arrange it. So I went and got her and had a nice visit till way too late! It is amazing that you can live with someone for like 2 months and even have some difficult times, and still be like sisters some thirty years later. It was so cool, I just love my buddy Cholito, aka Marisol Catalán. She is a really strong, amazing, wonderful, hard working, loving and diligent woman, a super mom and grandma. I will never forget our adventure with waxing- which didn't end well for me, or when we realized it was my hump day and I had been on my mission 9 months so she dressed me like I was 9 months pregnant for a picture to send home to mom. Good times! Then there was the time she needed an antibiotic and gave herself a shot because I was too chicken to learn to give shots on her. (She already knew how to give shots, I still don't) I decided she was wonder woman that day. Anyways, you'd think I would have the prescence of mind to take a picture together when we met up, but no....I did not.
Christmas Eve we just had a nice dinner and time with our kids and I didn't take pictures of the yummy food because we were busy eating it and that is the main sensory experience there if you ask me. I did tape a bit of present opening but it is the dorkiest thing ever so I don't know why I always record it, it is always really bad filming.
Christmas day we got up early to a snow covered wonderland that was nice to look at if not to step in, and I planned to take pictures but never got around to it. Instead, we went to church which was just a combined sacrament meeting with another ward, nice music and talks, a really sweet Christ centered way to spend the morning. Then in the afternoon we went to my parents and watched all the kids open their present from their grandma which were all quilts she made each of them- totally amazing! That was awesome and I wished I could take a picture but I didn't have my phone with me, and the moment would be gone by the time I got something so I just enjoyed it. The kids loved them!
So what is silly about all that you ask? Well, let me tell you. I was listening to the radio recently and a linguist was talking about words and how they evolve, and gave the example of a word that started out meaning blessed, and then over time, that came to mean innocent, and over more time it took on a connotation of weak, which over time led to it being used to mean mentally weak which led to meaning  absurd or foolish, or commonly it is used today to mean doing something funny but ridiculous... the spelling and pronunciation have shifted just a bit too, but the word is SILLY! And I kind of like the idea of silly meaning blessed. I know, I am so silly!


Deanna Pew said...

I loved the explanation of your title.

--Your linguist brother. :)

4boyzmdmom said...

That is so cool and interesting how the word "silly" has evolved over the years! I know what you mean about wishing for a camera in your glasses. Moments happen so quickly, and there usually isn't time to capture them on film. And even when I do take a picture, it never looks anywhere near as good as what I saw in real life!

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I loved the explanation of your title.

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