Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Si Vas Para Chile...

We went to a 18 de Septiembre party Saturday. It was fun to visit with a lot of people we haven't seen in a long time, but as usual, the food ran out before we could get to it. So we had huesillo con huesillo. It was an improvement. We already had empanadas coming out of our heads before we got there anyways. My mother-in-law was so anxious to go home, she didn't want to talk long when we called, the next day she wanted money to take a taxi. But at least we could hear her clearly :) Here's what they were eating: MMMM!

Speaking of Chileans, amongst them we often discuss whether Chilean moms baby their boys too much. Girls for that matter, but mostly the boys. They really are professional at waiting on you hand and foot and serving you food, etc like you were a VIP at a fancy restaurant. I can't seem to get the hang of that, I usually get lost on the way to the fridge to get J. a popsicle. Or I'll tell my kids to do something themselves. When I actually have real guests, I plan to wait on them and prepare a dessert, which I forget either until they're leaving or gone. Then I feel so stupid. But back to waiting on your offspring hand and foot, sometimes I wonder if in my quest to teach them independence I go overboard. Like when D1 told me once, "Do it yourself," when I asked him to do something.Then the other day E. says, "Mom, will you scratch my nose?" My hands weren't exactly empty at the moment, but I asked her why and she said because she couldn't get it to stop itching. I asked her where? and she says, "In here." And points up her nostril. What??? I am not even going to worry about not babying her enough anymore.

OTHER THINGS HEARD AROUND HOME: D1 has a loose tooth! He woke up one day and told me his tooth was wiggly. So occasionally I ask him how his tooth is doing and he says, "busy". E. How do you spell corner? M. Corner or coroner? E. Corner, like in The hooker stood on the street corner. G. What's a hooker? Great example, E. As we get to church late, and I am instructing everyone to just walk quickly and quietly, D2 bursts off running and yells, "Quick, we've got no time to lose!" And then there's the "My shoe wants free from my foot."

And last but not least, PARA MI TIO BRUTO, the next 3 clips are from the beach in Vina del Mar.

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