Thursday, October 25, 2007

BLAST FROM THE PAST- April 6, 2005

This is the sequel to my Family Heirlooms post.

I would have written sooner but...

I was a little incapacitated.

I spent a good part of one spring break day paying the price for mopping the floors. The big boys were downstairs, I’m mopping upstairs and when I get ready to go towards The Thing's room, they go running downstairs. I start cleaning up the floor so I can mop and about 5 minutes later I find the fingernail clippers case empty on the floor. I call down to ask Gigio what the babies are doing, thinking it is something with the clippers and he casually answers, "Oh, they’re in the office." The office is kept locked and off limits at all times. Bells go off, and I run to my doom. This is what I find:

The blue stuff on the keyboard is toothpaste. Ironically they used the family heirloom of a gutted knife I was keeping "safe" in there to remember the yogurt incident with to pry up the keys and then smeared the toothpaste all over. Where do they get these ideas from? How do they get and act on them so quickly? Like, " Quick, pry the latch open with the broom handle, get the toothpaste from the bathroom and the knife from the desk drawer: now let's get to work!" Why??? Maybe it was to distract me from the missing nail clippers.

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Cecily R said...

Just when you think things are finally within your grasp they find the toothpaste!

Kids are so great, aren't they?!