Saturday, October 6, 2007

Just how my week's gone...

Well, it’s been a busy week. J. is suffering with his leg, school, work, etc. E. has gotten sick, gone hiking and studying little teeny organisms in the water under a microscope, getting stung by a bee and a wasp and falling and scraping her leg. She changed jobs back to the restaurant. Both she and J appear to be co-dependents of the owner. On top of it all, she got her hair cut. It is really cute, but it is short. I think it’s the first time she has short hair by choice, and so it’s different for her. G and C are settling in well at the new school and work on the outside is moving along. D&D are busy and doing well in their class, amusing their teacher. One day they got too out of control fighting each other or something. So they got pulled outside and the teacher said, “Do you know why you are here?” One responded, “Because our mommy brought us to school!” D1 has made friends with some roly-poly bugs who are guests in his room. He talks to them like you talk to a dog or cat. Both those boys are the crocodile hunters of the insect world.
I’m just trying to survive and take care of the piles of files in my room. I managed to actually move one file box across the floor and look for a paper I needed, then it stayed there till D1 ran into it and hurt himself and I had to move it back to the spot it was at before. It looks like I will be going to an interpreter conference in Las Vegas the weekend of the 20th to get my continuing education hours in.
So I went to the dentist, but I didn’t get to sleep because it was a check-up and the hygienist was entertaining me with stories about her kids. That was as fun as sleeping, and my teeth feel so much better without all that tartar and stuff. I also read about sleep in the Reader’s Digest and saw a picture of a guy who tied enough helium balloons to his lawn chair to fly something like 9 miles through the air. So fun. Hopefully I will get to push a slinky down the Tikal ruins in Guatemala someday too. :)
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The night before my birthday I was up late trying to find a shoe for a twin. I wish someone would start selling them in 3’s or 4’s. Is it just me or does anyone else have the lost shoe blues? They have two left Elmo sandals, no rights. And keeping track of 4 tennis shoes is so very hard. I might actually have to pull the weeds out of the garden that are supposed to just disappear under that 4 letter word that starts with S that we keep having sightings of this fall. I cannot tell how many times I have almost had to go out in slippers or two shoes that don’t match thanks to my kids’ playing with them. My new sandals lost each other till fall so I didn’t get to actually wear them really. One year a shoe disappeared one fall only to appear under the living room window in the flower bed next spring when the snow thawed. D&D have actually swapped one shoe with each other to wear mix and match, or if their favorite pair has lost one, they just mix with another pair. Right now they only have the sandals and the tennies and I can’t seem to bear to let them mix them. I’m not sure why open and closed shoes can’t mate, but I guess I’m just old fashioned. Eventually the missing shoe turned up, but it’s gone again now. In any case, I got to bed only to be woken up in the wee hours of the a.m. by a barfing child. Then when I got back to my bed, 2 little people had taken over my place. (sigh). The next day I realized that one switched beds because he got his own wet. More fun for me. I got everyone off to school and worked in the a.m. and then I met with the Blogging Babes for lunch. It was fun. I haven’t had a chance to sit with a bunch of ladies in a long time and they are a group of great and interesting people. I was so excited I won the basket with the chocolate and Candace Salima’s books. I love bittersweet chocolate and drinking the Xoçai is way better than drinking Glucosamine with Chondroitin. I’d like to thank Candace for getting us all together. Then it was off to get the kids, then off to speech, then back to get visit taught, and my VT brought me a cake, which we loved and then I finally got the chance to notice that I got a gift from the Relief Society presidency and from my husband, a wheeled portfolio that holds a laptop and other files together. Cool! My kids meanwhile were rearranging furniture and breaking windows. I gave up on getting a real meal together and just let everyone make kid foods like macaroni and hot dogs. The bishop came by with a birthday card too and then it was time to get everyone to bed again and start the whole shoe routine, which is where we loop back around to the beginning of those 24 hours and start all over again. Yesterday J. took me to Outback and I still have leftovers to eat now.
While conference is going on, I’m trying to organize my room and hope against hope something miraculous will happen to the files. The weather isn’t helping my kids go out to play and stay out of my hair, so it’s sort of one of those days where you want to kill the kids so you can hear the talks about how to love the kids and raise them in loveJ. However, it is way easier to hear than Sacrament meeting where they are forced to sit right next to me. At least I can tell you what the talks were about, and thanks to the internet in a day or two I can just go to and relive the whole experience in just about any language imaginable. So cool. I have to say I think Brother Eyring will be a great counselor. I heard part of a news conference afterwards on the BYU channel and someone said people were out blogging about the new apostle E. Cook being called, because he’s another born in Utah guy. I don’t know him that well, but Brother Eyring assured the press that not to offend anyone but he never thought of Brother Cook as a Utahn. It was something he got over young in life, he went on to become a Californian. Ha! I rest my case. I’ve been sort of bummed that I haven’t had an overwhelming response by people wanting to join :


(See my very first blog post.) I suppose a lot of people of course don’t actually even live in Utah so they are excused. Of the people who are, a big percentage are born and raised here so what in the heck else could they be? If they weren’t Utahns, the rest of us wouldn’t have anything to avoid being. But where are all the transplants? Were you all just Utahns somehow born out of your element, or have you become closet Utahns who are living in denial and can’t even admit to yourselves what you have become? Or maybe you are just stronger than me and are entirely untainted by the environment in which you live. I would really like to know. These meetings with myself are getting lonely. Yes, this is an overt invitation to you to join, please sign up via comments or e-mail.
Actually, I have a theory about why international people are not being called much to apostleship and it is simply because they are so desperately needed where they are being called to serve in the Seventy callings, out in the world. The growth is so very fast and crazy out in many of these places and more stability is needed there, up close and personal. Whatever the reason, I figure God knows what he is doing, or at least what his kids are up to, and I trust him to handle it just fine :)
And last of all, I have to tell my funny Henry B. Eyring story. When I was a teenager I had a bizarre dream that the second coming of Christ had already happened and I was in a room and someone was telling me that I wasn’t married yet, but I could of course make it into the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom anyways, because they were setting all us single people up with spouses, and they presented to me my spouse who looked a whole awful lot like Bro. Eyring. I said, “I’m sure he’s nice, but don’t you have someone closer to my own age?” When he was called later on to the General Sunday School I recognized him. What a hoot! We actually learned about him in a religion class and he is pretty cool. Gotta go, conference is back on!


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Hey Woman - glad you're enjoying the basket. It's all the things I enjoy -- chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate . . . oh yeah, and my books.

Also dropped in to post this announcement:

There are 23 days left and counting, ladies . . . if you have the most wonderful husband in the world, you need to nominated him!

I know there are other wonderful husbands out there. Until midnight November 30, 2007 I will be taking nominations via this email address The six finalists will be posted, please send a picture with the nomination, on December 1, 2007 when voting will commence and the winner will be chosen by you. Sadly, because it would just be skewed, my husband cannot win although I think he'd be a shoe in. On December 15, 2007 the winner will be announced.

We have some great husbands already nominated, but I know there are more out there. So start nominating! Tell me about your husband and why you think he is the Best Husband in the World! That would be world . . . ladies, no geographic boundaries.

Darla said...

Oh how I can relate! We have now 6 girls and myself...all shoe lovers (the baby isn't yet but we all make up for it by putting different baby slippers on her). It never fails on Sunday morning, no matter how much I have ready the night before, we always are in a frantic hunt for a shoe on our way out the door to Sunday School/church. I always tell the kids, "It looks like the one-legged bandit has struck again!!! Here are 4 (or 5..even sometimes up to 6) potentially appropriate shoes you could wear but I can only find one of the pair!" It's amazing too how many times, almost ALWAYS, all of the shoes I find without a mate are all for the left foot or all for the right foot, so even in desparation I can't even send em out the door in mismatch shoes! Probably much to their relief, right? :) Another thing that sounds SOOOOO familiar is the getting up for something in the middle of the night, only to return to an extra or two in the bed. At the end of my pregnancy, I just couldn't fit comfortably in bed even if there was just one extra, let alone two! I also have had a joiner for the same reason..the wet bed! Have you ever had them not even bother changing but in their half asleep state just crawl straight out of their bed into yours? I have and it is extremely annoying, to wake up to a stinky, wet bottom snuggled up to your tummy. Then not only do you have their clothing and bedding to change but your own as well!!!

Tristi Pinkston said...

You could probably do worse than being married to Brother Eyring, but I bet you like your own hubby better. :)

Shellie said...

I know, Candace, I'm working on it, but it might turn into a novel. Yes, Darla, I have been hit by the double wet bed whammy more times than I like to remember. And Tristi, I'm happy with the husband I got, but E. Eyring's wife is a lucky woman, I just was a teenager at the time, so, you know...some old balding guy wasn't too inspiring.