Sunday, October 7, 2007

What's in YOUR purse?

Yes, it's a question. It's not rhetorical. I would like to discuss what goes into purses. Thursday when we got to speech, I found out I had a sippy cup upside down in mine. The cheapo kind that doesn't have a plug in the lid, and all of C's juice was in my purse, but not in the cup. Then I had a lot of napkins stuffed in my purse. I got rid of them, but I still have:an unsharpened pencil, a broken pencil, a green colored pencil, a pen, 2 kid scissors (which I confiscated) a whiteboard pen, a magnifying glass, stickup notes, D.'s scripture for next week at church, ripped up, a checkbook, keys, assorted sticky notes, a little coin purse stuffed with ID and coupons and credit cards, a few pennies, 2 tylenol jr.'s, 2 rolls of dental floss (Shhh! don't tell the kids!)2 chapsticks, a pair of tweezers, a pack of kleenex, eyedrops, listerine pocket packs (they will be gone before I need them)a hair clip, a head band, and a magnet. What do you think Violet Baudelaire could do with that? I need to qualify that this is a little handbag. If it were a bigger bag, it would be much more interesting. Note that the cell phone is not in the bag, or the palm pilot. I'm a flunkie at technology, but that is another subject. I have had much more interesting things in my purse before. I know I have been to court with hot wheels cars and spare bionicles, not to mention the transformers, the stray insect, chewed bubble gum, oh, heck! I'm going to be up all night. I'll have to try to remember what's the most bizarre thing I've ever found in there, but for now I think I'll just try to get to bed. Meantime, share your purse, OR wallet (guys can pack it in those things too) with me.


Cecily R said...

I get embarrassed everytime I get to the check out because I can never find my stinkin' debit card and inevitably I end up pulling everything out of my cute purse. The last time I had used it as a bookmark for the book that was in there along with 578 receipts that I'll never look at again, a spare diaper (just in case) and about 10 prenatal vitamins.

I always think the same thing...this time I'll put in the little credit card pocket...but I never do.

Shellie said...

Oh yes, I do that every time just about. It's one of the reasons I hate shopping.

Anna Maria Junus said...

Hmmm, in my school bag I sometimes pack a lunch that doesn't always get completely eaten.

Which didn't fare well for that pear and anything else that was touching it.

Jen38 said...

Hi Shellie! Great minds think alike! Fun blog you have and hope to visit with you again. Jen

I will add the contents of my handbag to this as well:

wallet, receipts and and cards loosely crammed in the middle
plastic ziploc baggie with 15 generic ibuprofen tablets
3 ball point pens
one orange Sharpie permanent marker
3 sets of chopsticks leftover from dinner at Noodles & Company
an extra set of car keys
Model co Fluidsplash 3 in 1 Foundation
old Spiderman Band aid that Naomi took off and gave to me
plastic star that fell off of Naomi’s dress up princess shoe
LipFusion lip gloss in Sun
Moiststic lip balm
Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Berry
Cell Phone RZR with Red Cover (Amanda picked out for me)
stack of store cards: Petco, Cafe Rio, Kroger, Subway, and Great Harvest Bread
Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder in “Stay Neutral”
one blue M & M
1/5 of a leftover chocolate chip cookie in plastic wrap
travel size bag of kleenex tissue
baby size nail scissors