Friday, November 2, 2007

Kick or Treat!

If a feisty kid like my D2 rings your door bell and calls out "Kick or Treat", you'd better give a treat! After spending all afternoon trying to get all 4 boys ready and together at our house and E. off to work, we managed to get together in the car to go to the downtown celebration 5 minutes before it ended. So we went trick or treating around the neighborhood. G. went to school as Ichabod Crane but then went trick or treating as a ninja. C. went as a skeleton and D1 as Spiderman and D2 as Batman. The boys were very enthusiastic. Spiderman yelled out to any passersby that we were dressed up in costumes and going trick or treating. After a while, Batman managed to spray soda pop all over himself so after going all around the neighborhood and almost making it back around to our house, he had had it and as he said, "I give up! Let's go home. " So we went home to change and then we went to go to Gerb's spook alley. There was a big line! Luckily the weather was unseasonably warm. We ended up in line behind a neighbor boy who comes to play often. His mom is always telling me if he is too much to send him home, etc. I guess he's had a hard time staying in line around the neighborhood. We just give out one warning to whoever is misbehaving and if it keeps happening all friends go home and brothers break it up to different areas. After standing in line for about 40 minutes with my absolutely rambunctious boys spinning around me and playing rough with each other, being ninjas, having to be restrained and calmed down every other minute, etc. the boy's mom turns to me and says, "Now I understand why he gets along so well at your house." I make everyone feel so much better about their lot :)\ The spook alley was amazing. I can't believe the family did all that, they really made a haunted house and the costumes, props, everything were great. I was very impressed. They scared the pants off the boys and by that point I felt like that was payback for putting up with them in line. No one had nightmares, I reassured them it was all in fun. everyone had a blast. We called the grandparents because it got too late to go out there, so we will try to go in costumes soon.
Here they are: G's school costume
E's work costume
G's night costume
C's costume with night mask, which only lasted about 10 minutes.
D's costume. He was heartbroken his school didn't do costumes this year-he kept taking his clothes off so I had to just put him in the car in his underwear and left his clothes by his seat. By the time we dropped off his brothers and got to his school, he'd decided to wear them. Batman D2, the Kick or Treat king! The mask didn't last long either, but it looked great while it did.

Now the candy wrappers and popcorn are popping right out of the floors. It's easier in a way to let them graze through it all real fast, and get it all over with. This time I didn't get anything hid in time, so too bad for me. By Monday the sugar buzz will be over and the floors will be back to their normal amount of messes. Last night really did look like we were living in a popcorn popper. G. had the honors of cleaning it all up. Here's his Halloween jokes. What did one casket say to the other? -Is that you, coffin? What do you call the 10 year old fortune teller who escaped from jail? -Small medium at large.
The next day I helped drive C.'s class to a play. We saw Roald Dahl's "The BFG". It was really cute. Great costumes and set. They used puppets for the people when they were with the giants. The giants ran out in the audience and picked up children and "ate" them, and they used shadow puppets to show the helicopters picking up the giants. The kids loved it.
Tonight we watched Evan Almighty. It was fun. So it was an entertaining week but I have a busy weekend ahead. I have to make another cake, prepare a lesson and clean the whole house. It is out of control! Then there's only 101 other things waiting to be done after that.


Cecily R said...

I love that you just put D in the car in his skivvies! That's my kind of parenting!

suburbancorrespondent said...

I like the Halloween jokes!

Gerb said...

It was so fun to see you at our Haunted House! I hope you know I am much more alive-looking on normal days...