Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Random meanderings through my week

I wish I could say that my house is now spotless and completely organized and every surface is sanitized, but I cannot. I can promise it's a whole lot cleaner than it was a week ago or even 4 days ago. Just don't go downstairs. I got my cake made, and this time it didn't need frosting because it was a sheet cake for a funeral and was frosted with whipped cream and marbled chocolate syrup. I made the Better than sex cake because heaven knows you need a pick me up after a funeral. Ever noticed that no one decorates funeral cakes? Or that all mortuaries are run by families and just have the family name, like Meldrum Mortuary, or Sundberg Mortuary, etc. J. thought he would like to be a mortician, but Espinoza Mortuary didn't sound very solemn. It sounds more like a Salsa Club. But what else are you going to name it? Happy Trails Mortuary? The Great Beyond? Our Deepest Sympathy? The Last Stop? El Patio de los Callados? Nothing sounds right, which is why they are all given last names: boring stodgy last names. And it's just as well, because if we had a mortuary, I would have too many too interesting stories to tell about where my kids went with that...
OK, so the serious part of this story is that the funeral was for a neighbor boy who's only 19 who got injured in a longboarding accident last spring and has been in a coma since then. His brother just came home from a mission so now that he was home and got to see his brother they went ahead and took him off life support and let him go. Gives the term full time mission a whole new meaning. It just makes my heart ache for those guys! They are really brave and all but I can't imagine losing a child. It would be so excruciating, but my even bigger fear than that is leaving them motherless before they are all grown up. I'd rather live through the pain myself than have them go through that. Oh, and speaking of that, one of E.'s friends from elementary lost her mom to a car wreck. The funeral was today. It has made a huge impression on E. seeing this up close. She had sleepovers and knew the mom. She's decided to be nice to me, and admit she appreciates me-at least for today. Life is short, even if you have a long one!
free music

So this kid used to play "Somewhere over the Rainbow" on the uke and sing with his brothers. E. got to hear some friends who performed it for the funeral and it's been stuck in my head ever since. So then I started telling my kids about how that song reminds me of Carla. Do my sibs remember Carla, from 3 houses down in Glendora? She loved that song and would come over and beg me to play it over and over on the old vinyl L.P.'s we would play on the record player. Remember how you could change the speed and it sounded so goofy? So I told them all about record players and Carla and then how The Wizard of Oz would come on T.V. once a year and we would anxiously await the day it aired on our little black and white T.V. with the stiff knob you had to pull out to turn it on, and the even stiffer dial that had a whole 3 channels unless you were lucky enough to have a UHF antenna and then you had 4 channels! G.'s jaw dropped as I told about all these antiques and that we didn't even have remote controls or color T.V. yet or CD's or even cassettes. C. thought it was appalling. "How old ARE you?"G. asked. They have a new found respect for me having survived my childhood in the dark ages. Those were the good old days...
So now we have a new dishwasher courtesy of E. never doing them and J. getting sick of it. I was trying to live with the mess so she would see what happens if mom doesn't just clean up after you. J. couldn't live with it, so he went to "Juan's Depot" and got a Maytag . It's littler and quite frankly nowhere near as solid, it seems pretty easy to break. Luckily we don't have this anymore:
It has a 5 year guarantee and I expect it will have a better motor than the old Kenmore that never worked good. It cost about the same as getting the old one fixed, so what the heck! Here's to a cleaner kitchen.
I also gave up on ever finding my lost sweaters so I bought some more on sale. I didn't have time to shop around other stores. The sweaters were all pretty conservative, and they had petites, so Stacey and Clinton would be so proud of me now. I'm just happy they're soft and warm.
I have just one thing to say about the election results: I am not a Utahn.
OK, I have another thing to say about it: Guasos Brutos!
And P.S. In spite of the fact that most Utahns trust a Union more than themselves to assure the quality of their children's education, this is not over... the next generation needs to be better educated than this one. We will find a way.
Today was an appointment day. D2 had a filling and got his 2 front teeth out to boot since they were loose with teeth poking out behind them. The sedative worked great this time...for like 5 minutes. Then he was unhappy. Too bad they were just getting started when it wore off. He was like a drunken little man most of the a.m. He is not a happy drunk, but he did act a little silly. I was just trying to keep him from falling on corners of things. When we got home we looked at his favorite things- transformers at hasbro.com Then we went with J. to his appointment for his knee. This was a 2nd opinion with a specialist in SLC. Bottom line, no one can explain the pain he is having. Great. He's having him try a different anti inflammatory. He is also totally deaf again lately. It seems to wax and wane and it is what is it? Waxing? Waning? Which one is which? Anyhow, it's worse. Wish we spoke ASL. This evening I extricated myself from the kids with E. the grounded for the month (don't ask) kid in charge. I went to pick up C.s prescription real fast before they closed and got to the pharmacy before they closed then off to the library to get G. a book for a book report. D2 is sleeping on top of his teeth but I don't know if the tooth fairy has the brain power or the pcoketbook power to pay him tonight. D1 gave me a heart. He found it on a sticker on a pomegranate and gave it to me, cuz he loves me. Aren't I lucky?


suburbancorrespondent said...

That was a full post! I like Happy Trails Mortuary, myself. Glad to see I'm not the only one who insists on dragging the kids down Memory Lane.

Gerb said...

I love this post. So random and full. Thanks for sharing a little glimpse into your life!

Karen said...

Wow, so much going on. I'm sorry for your neighbor's family. It's so hard.