Friday, November 16, 2007

*You Know You're a Blogging Addict When...

  1. You start narrating your life in your head as it happens, for your blog.
  2. You check your site 20 times a day to see if there are more comments or if a new post magically appeared without you having to write it.
  3. You finally get ready for bed by 1 am and decide to blog for an hour or so before turning in.
  4. You spend your whole night dreaming you were reading and commenting on other people’s blogs.
  5. You realize that your name doesn’t match your social security on the bank’s customer service line because you gave your blog name.
  6. You start calling your kids by their blog names.
  7. You look for the comment box at the bottom of your voter’s ballot.
  8. You start blocking unwanted comments from your spouse.
  9. Your family starts thinking of your computer as an appendage to your body.
  10. You have a sign posted on your door that says This home is open to invited people only.
  11. You read a comment to a post that says, Honey, I’ve been trying to get hold of you for weeks! When’s dinner?
  12. Your blogroll is longer than your grocery list.
  13. You start adding Post titles to the beginning of all your communications.
  14. Turning off the computer makes you hyperventilate.

Those are the steps in. If you have any of these signs or symptoms, call 1-800-BLOGGER to get in touch with a great 12 step support group near you or just log in at We want your blogging experience to be a positive one.

*Disclaimer: None of these things actually happened to me, or for that matter anyone I know, I just have an overactive imagination. (snort!) This post was merely inspired by a sign for gambling addiction displayed on a casino wall.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I need help. Sadly, I really do suffer from at least two of the listed symptoms.

carrie & troy keiser said...

This is hilarious! Oh I SO love it! :D Addicted? What? Who Me? I don't think so...... :)