Monday, December 10, 2007

Comfort and Joy

At Thanksgiving time in 2000, my cousin and his wife were killed in a highway accident, leaving behind 5 children. It was a very hard time for all the family and friends, and has certainly not been an easy road for those left behind but I think we would all agree that everyone has been given comfort, guidance, assistance and joy according to their needs. Many miracles have taken place since that day. Many, many people have reached out in kindness. God continues to strengthened and bless us all. That Christmas, right in the middle of all the grief, for the first time in my life I felt the spirit of comfort and joy, so much more joy and rejoicing in my heart than ever before for a Savior who was willing to come under such humble circumstances to give us hope and peace.

If you look over to the right at the sidebar, there is information on Julian, the 4 year old with brain cancer. A fast has been organized for Wednesday for those who would like to join together and fast and pray for him and his family. If you medically should not fast, but would like to join in, you could do another kind of fast such as a media fast (avoid all forms of media for a day). I will be fasting and praying for Julian to have the health to enjoy the holidays, that his grandma can make it from France to be with them too, that his family and friends will feel God's arms around them and feel that same peace, comfort, and joy this season that He gave me, as well as help in the times to come. And lastly, if He sees fit, for Him to cure Ju Ju and let him stay with his family (never hurts to ask, especially if hundreds of people are nagging Him at the same time.)I know that whenever I fast for a purpose, the inspiration and spiritual blessings just flow, and the more people joining in, the better. If you fast and pay attention to the feelings and thoughts that come into your mind and heart, you will be amazed. If you write them down, you just may remember them. I hope you read this in time to join in or to tag on later. May we all feel comfort and joy this season.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this, Shellie. I will participate today in any way I can.

Darla said...

Oh, no! Just yesterday, an aquaintance of ours that got married about a week or so from when my husband and I got married, was hit by someone running a red and was killed. He has a family of kids about the same age as hearbreaking! My heart goes out to them. Especially around Christmas! I just blogged today about the death of my mother, 29 years ago today, and a little about the memories I have as an 8-yr-old of the Christmas time.