Sunday, December 30, 2007

How Christmas Went Down

A few shots first: Gigio and Papi play Battleground:

The only explanation I have for this is Gigio lives here:

Why venom sticks his tongue out:

Thing 1 playing with the coveted Megatron, because they share! Thing 1 here is showing off his devil eyebrow, which is how other people tell them apart.

Today Thing 2 gave me his toothpick and meat sculptures of Sponge Bob, Patrick and Squidward, and then said, "Merry Christmas, Mom!" Hope your Christmas was merry. Our favorite moment was when Thing 2 got long underwear to open on Christmas. He was furious, because he had been eyeing another box with his name on it, and he knew it was a toy. He got it next, but he was still getting over the shock of the first gift and so he opened it and said "THAT is Megatron!" Like you finally figured out what to give me. Everyone was happy with their real present, Carino has a power tour guitar he adores and Gigio a Battleground game, Thing 1 got a transformer too and Enigma got snow gear. Papi and I already got our gift of a new all in one printer/scanner/copier/fax he bought without my permission a month ago. I printed a copy of the book of James :). Even though they looked at me like I was insane that I gave the family yoga DVD's they love them now that I made them try it.
We get our gifts late Christmas Eve after a big dinner, latino style and a Christmas story reading. The next morning people find a stocking from Santa that got left in the night. A very tired Santa leaves them because it's at least 2 am before they are all asleep and he can leave them. This year Thing 2 woke me up at 4:30 am with a leg ache. He was already watching a DVD. He and Thing 1 woke Enigma up at 5:30 am to show her what Santa brought her. Christmas evening we spent with my parents and brother's family that live close by. Lots of fun. Friday was my uncle and aunt's 50th anniversary. It was neat and fun to visit with everyone there. Enigma went to a dance, and had a blast. Other than that we just work and play together and relax. And sweep and sweep and sweep. New Year's Eve we have another dinner planned with friends and January 6th the 3 kings will drop by. Then the tree will go away and we will try to get back to regular life (as regular as anything is around here). Will someone tell the fruit flies that it is like sub zero weather and they are supposed to be hibernating instead of invading all the fruit that comes into my house?? I just don't get it.

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Pam said...

Sounds like a pretty good Christmas! I laughed out loud at the monkey in underwear in the is always interesting when you are a mom!