Sunday, December 23, 2007

Los peces estan borrachos

I love Spanish Christmas carols but this song is so crazy,
I just love it. What were the fish drinking? Crack
out the Spanish dictionary you gringos, and look up,
Beben (root: beber) y beben (same word) los peces (plural
of pez) en el rio. Pero mira (root: mirar) como beben por
ver al Dios nacido. If you do your homework I will give
you champurrado, tamales, pan de pascua, camarones,
hallacas, pan de jamon, the works!!! Or maybe, I'll just
explain the song.

1 comment:

Kellan said...

I liked your crazy Spanish Christmas song - as I don't have a clue what the words are saying, it is just fun to hear. Hope you have a wonderul Christmas - hope to see you soon. Kellan