Sunday, January 13, 2008

And Now It's TIme for Another Random Update...

It's about time everyone (or at least my family) got caught up to speed on what's going on around home. We are in those back to school withdrawals from vacation time. I got a weird bug that was like just a cold on the 2nd then it went away right away but came back that Saturday with a vengeance, so I was out Saturday and Sunday. I missed my cousin's son's rocking reception too (It was rocking wasn't it?) Then I felt fine till last Wednesday night and couldn't even work or anything Thursday thru Sunday, when I have been able to function 1/4 of the day or nostrils hurt! Everything hurt. Yuk! So the house has sorta fallen apart a little in this bug's wake. So it looks normal. I was thinking it's too bad there is no use for snot, like you know how they use placentas to make shampoo. That really ticks me off, I think after living with that placenta and carrying it and a baby around for 9 months, I should get some sort of payment for that, not the hospital.

Thursday evening I had to drag myself out the door with Gigio to see the doctor because he accidentally cut a big gash into his thumb somehow, he wasn't sure how. It looked pretty deep and it was numb and hard to move and he swore he saw a cut tendon (lol). He said he spun around and hit it on just the corner of the kitchen doorway, but that seemed weird. But it was so fast, he wasn't sure. Just about head level to him and right next to the door I discovered the sharp edge of a hinge to the refrigerator door. Enigma began a little investigation with a potato, whacking it into the corner at different speeds and angles, then the same with the hinge. I would suspect the hinge, but it would have cut a different direction, unless he was falling or something. Erika had to whack pretty hard to get a similar gash with the corner. Finally, I said, "You know what I think?" "What?" Enigma replied. "I think someone's watching too much CSI," I said. Anyhow, Papi bandaged Gigio up real good but he couldn't be late to work that night (swimming meet) so Enigma got to stay with the other 3 while Gigio and I foraged out into the cold and waited forever in the waiting room. He had bled through 2 bandages by the time we got there, but by the time we saw the doctor, it looked like it was healing really good and didn't even need stitches. I was so embarrassed and wished I'd been a bad mom and used the super glue and stayed in bed. He had to just wear steristrips and bandaids to keep it stable for 3 days.
Something else noteworthy happened but my brain is frozen. I probably slept through it whatever it was. zzzzzzz!

Do any of you have to clean your ceilings? Because I do. Except I can't get up there. This is the Thing's ceiling.
There are marks, made by hands, and there is nothing under it to climb up to the ceiling on. Interesting, huh? Only here. Don't ask me how because I don't think you want to know.

I can explain the yellow curved line, that is made using a medicine syringe. I 'm not sure what was in it. I think it looks like epoxy glue or something...The white one I'm guessing bleach? Milk of magnesia? Flylady hasn't asked me to clean it yet so it probably won't be gone anytime soon. Oh, and speaking of Flylady, I should have made a disclaimer: You can only really do everything she says if you have trained all the monkeys in your house to join in and follow her too. So to those of you who are working on it, and especially those with little kids, Keep it all in perspective and just do the most important things, like survive, first. Anything extra, is like whipped cream on top.

Oh! How could I forget? Remember the little family heirlooms incident? Some people never learn... So Wednesday I'm trying to read to Enigma when Thing 1 tells me he got a "shoot" (dart) from one of his transformers stuck into an electrical socket in his room. I told him to leave it there till Papi could fix it. So Gigio, being the boy scout that he is, decides to help them. He got the dart out alright, but he totally dismantled the whole outlet and knocked the electricity out in the Thing's room and the bathroom while he was at it. So, being the Mom, I had to stress the importance of Delayed Gratification, and Not Messing With Electricity, and Didn't He Know He Could Get Shocked? (Even though we have already established that 110 volts are harmless; I would probably get fired from my position if I didn't stretch the truth. Plus, what if someday he's standing in a puddle of say, juice or yogurt when he does this? So maybe 110v COULD hurt.) And, DEJA VU, he says, "Oh, it only shocked me about 5 times." "Is that all?" I wondered, and taking a good look at him at that moment, "Maybe that explains your hairdo." Enigma almost died laughing. We had to take some mug shots:
Enigma is now liking someone new, although she still talks about flaky boy who we will call Sam more often than New Boy. I can't tell you more because I didn't even tell you that, it was my evil twin. Oh and Old Infatuation is in town and Friend has a cute Big Brother (Evil twin again). The plot thickens...She is a professional Tardy Makeup student now. We will see if she passed all her classes this semester... Oh and we have to see a gastroenterologist in SLC since her stomach keeps having problems.

Papi took me out for a yummy Italian lunch one day and has in general been very helpful. He even went and bought me medicine in the middle of the night. :) He has to go to school at 8 am now Mondays and Wednesdays. Yuck! So far, he is surviving.
Carino is being his carinoso self. He lives to go play with friends. He has decided to believe in the 3 Kings since they brought him gifts. The Things believe in them too now. Lots of Veggie Tales lately, that's all I will say about that. And the tree is finally down, but is having it's viewing in the living room in a big plastic coffin made by Rubbermaid. Because it doesn't actually fit in there, see, but Papi thinks it does but I have been dead and Papi is busy, fixing outlets and things so there it sits. Any bets on how long?

Yesterday I dragged myself to Stake Conference to interpret. (Mormonese for a meeting of a cluster of about 8 congregations or so.) We got a new stake presidency, which shouldn't have been a surprise considering that Bro. Holland (An apostle) was there this time. Our new president is Bro. Bell who was the guy that went to visit Elder Vega at my mom and dad's house and hopefully they read this because only they and some people in my brother's family will get anything out of that. The meeting was really great so I'm glad I made it. If I start talking about it, I'll go on and on, so I will just stop for now.

Ok, I don't know what's up but apparently I can't indent anymore, so we are trying a space between paragraphs today. What is up with that???


Pam said...

Wow! There is a lot going on in your house these days! I am sorry this cold has hit you so hard. I hope you are feeling better soon! And, I totally agree- the hairdo, probably from the outlet ;)

Kellan said...

Hey - thanks for coming over and leaving the well wishes - I am fine - only need to remember about that bra thing the next time I ever have to call 911. Hope to see you tomorrow. Kellan

Jen said...

Hand prints on the ceiling...very odd.

Candace E. Salima said...

Shellie - wow, those are some interesting twists and turns in yours. You never fail to delight.

Cecily R said...

I hope you guys are all 100% soon! And to answer one of your questions, YES I have to clean the stinkin' ceilings!! It's amazing what gets up there!

Pam said...

I wanted to get back to you about the bloggers anonymous badge....

Go to and copy the code from her blog...(I tried leaving it in the comments for you, but blogger won't let me..sorry!)

Do you know how to get it on your sidebar? If not- click on customize, add a page element, then click on HTML/javascript and paste the code into there.

Let me know if you need more help! ;)

Maria said...

With kids around, anything is possible. Hand prints, foot prints, even kissing marks.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Busy! I didn't know that about plecentas! Crazy!