Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Warm Fuzzy (and other items of business)

Thanks to Karen for giving me this award. She makes my day too, she has a great blog and a great shop with lots of fun custom made shirts and things for kids. To all who come and read and comment on my blog, you truly make my day because I know I'm not talking to myself when you do that. So, don't be shy, pick up your prize.Next, Maria asked me to do this purse Meme. Since I posted on this once, I will take a shortcut and reprint here what was in my bag. There are variations on this theme ebbing and flowing at any given time in it's depths-Thursday when we got to speech, I found out I had a sippy cup upside down in my purse. The cheapo kind that doesn't have a plug in the lid, and all of CariƱo's juice was in my purse, but not in the cup. Then I had a lot of napkins stuffed in my purse. I got rid of them, but I still have:
an unsharpened pencil, a broken pencil, a green colored pencil, a pen, 2 kid scissors (which I confiscated) a whiteboard pen, a magnifying glass, stickup notes, A Thing's ripped scripture for next week at church, a checkbook, keys, assorted sticky notes, a little coin purse stuffed with ID and coupons and credit cards, a few pennies, 2 tylenol jr.'s, 2 rolls of dental floss (Shhh! don't tell the kids!)2 chapsticks, a pair of tweezers, a pack of kleenex, eyedrops, listerine pocket packs (they will be gone before I need them)a hair clip, a head band, and a magnet. Note that the cell phone and palm pilot are not in the bag. Soon after posting, these items were joined by a post-operative lizard. I am going to ask mommeeof9 and Kalynne what's in their bags.

Next I've decided to give away my lions like this. If I´'m reading your blog at all, I must like your writing, so instead of trying to decide who´s the best writer (impossible), when I read a post that makes an especially good impression on me, I will mention it here and award the writer. So here´s the first. Jenna wrote this very insightful post called Simmering Down. Click here for your prize details, Jenna!


Genevieve Hinson said...

Hi there,

Thanks so much for nudging me about your link not getting added. I really appreciate you blogging for autism awareness this april.

I've added your link to the blogroll and look forward to your posts.

Thanks again,


Melissa said...

I love Karen's clothes, too! Congrats on the awards!

Take My Life... said...

I dont even want to know whats in my purse!!!

janethesane said...

Poor little lizards :( That's quite a purse you've got there. It must be larger than it looks!

Anonymous said...

hi..i am weeks behind on your blog. I am missing so much. Luckily I got some time off (my mom's at home) to atleast read a couple of your post.

hopefully within 2-3 weeks, we would be back at our place. Then I can be a regular reader.
Take care...

---Jason's Mom

carrie & troy keiser said...

I have enjoyed reading all of the what's in your purse memes. Thanks for the award {I read I comment... so THANKS!}

The Journey Begins Here said...

Purse, what's that?! I am a girly girl in the sense that I like make-up, perfume...pretty things. I REALLY like purses...I even buy them. But I don't carry them. If I do, it's filled with 'stuff'. I have my wallet (sometimes just my debit card), my keys, my sunglasses and sometimes even my cell phone (having it charged is a bonus.)

I put them all in my coat pocket. What do I do in the summer? Jeans have pockets and so do shorts!