Friday, April 4, 2008

Random update on airhead part I forgot , and more!

I wanted to put this link on the last post, but it wasn't working, now it is!- please click on it- it takes you to a short video clip and for every viewing money is donated to autism research.
It is beautiful and powerful.

Airhead: Every fall after planting and harvesting through spring and summer I put away the garden stuff in the shed and the leftover seeds in a safe place. The problem with the safe place is, by the next spring I never remember where it was. As soon as I give up and buy new seeds, I find the old ones. I am searching high and low and racking my brains. I even remember telling myself to remember where I was putting them and I even remember supposedly where that was, but there are no seeds in sight. sigh!

On another note, don't faint but I exercised 2 times last week! And I'm still alive even!

Thing thoughts: Thing 1 isn't helping my executive functioning self esteem much. Here's the latest. After forgetting something and saying I was silly, he answers, in a conspiratorial tone: Mom, they's something wrong with you's head. Next, I'm trying to get something to work on the computer and he says I'm crazy and I respond that he needed to help my brain by saying things like it works great instead. He says: no, you brain is wrong, my brain is right! OK.....

Thing 1 has us all categorized by whether we are Autobots or Decepticons. (I may be crazy, but I'm an Autobot.) Guess what Thing 2 is? He loves Decepticons, because they like power. Who should I be most worried about here? Thing 2 was caught with "la mano en la masa" or as we also say, red handed, except black handed would be more accurate. Then it was found that he had a black marker up his sleeve, and he had so casually just run his hand along the wall, creating a dotted line just over the purple line he already made. Luckily, unlike the purple, it washed off. He just cracked me up because he let out a huge burp, then said, "Bless me!"

Friday the Things had to run with me to a meeting at the school and when I went to put them in the car, they were all wet (playing with water again). Rush to grab new clothes to throw on them, and very creative footwear. Here's the footwear tale. Every once in a while, the boys lose a shoe. This presents a problem because even though they have the same shoes, there are still 4 feet involved, so 3 shoes doesn't cut it. One day out of desperation, I put some rain boots that originally Enigma wore on one of them. They were a little big, but tall enough to stay on. They looked a little odd, but it beat bare feet. On one occasion or other, in a pinch, everyone but Papi has worn these boots this winter. I barely fit my feet in, not sure how Enigma ever did. Then I found some old shoes of Gigio's to act as replacement shoes. Too bad we could only find one of each pair yesterday when a shoe went missing. So, back to the boots. Someone enigmatic has labeled the boots now on top of it all. What must their teacher think? Anyhow, we are trying to get to the school and now the boots are sopping wet on the inside too. So, one got a pair of Gigio's current shoes, the other got two right feet of their own shoes. Their own shoes spawned another fun story a while back when one of CariƱo's friends who has the same kind (transformers, of course) went to put his shoes on and freaked out when there were 6 identical shoes by the door. His shoes had babies!
And in closing, someone asked me why Thing 2 didn't cut his pillow case instead of his pillow here. Let me just demonstrate where the pillow case usually is...
Some people enjoyed the plunger idea so much I thought I would post a few of my other recent techniques. I get a gale of giggles and retreating children by pretending to be the little white bat named Bartok in Anastasia. I'll give you a HA! and a HIYA! with accompanying karate chops. Here's what I do for whining. But mom, I didn't get to yada yada.... gets met with. HELLO! I'm the one who should be whining here! Then totally ham it up: put on your best whiney voice, it is so liberating, and whine away. But kids, you wont get ready for bed and you keep turning on the tv and making messes and eating again instead of making your lunches, and fighting each other, etc. AND, IT'S NOT FAIR! BOO HOO HOOOOOO! AND NO ONE LISTENS TO MEEEEEEE!!! They get the point.

Oh, and the other night I was up too late and the discovery channel droning in the background had some weight loss program on, but the guy started teaching this lady a technique to get control of out of control emotions (which led to overeating in this case, and in insanity in my family's case). So, I tried it. It's crazy but it works. It works with your kids if they are willing to do it, I got all the way to the singing part with obvious results, then it backfired at that point so we leave it out. It's called the tapping technique. Here's a link if you're interested.

I'm going to try to watch the next session of the LDS General Conference, wish me luck because the first session was a bust but what wafted in sounded so good. Quick update on the update. No such luck, this is what happens when I try to watch. I gave up, turned it off, and joined them, since I had to get up somehow. Scaling that is not easy! So for the next month or so I will be listening to one talk at a time of the whole conference here where I can watch in any language. I loved what I managed to hear. Missed our Pres. Hinckley, but love Pres. Monson.

Lastly, as per my current crusades, don't forget the link up right here to donate to team Karen or to join the team walk. Autism awareness posts are out there all month by clicking on the link farther down, and I plan tentatively to do a post every Friday. Relay for Life is coming up in May and it's everywhere, even my podunk town so I plan to join in. Check it out over on Mimi's sidebar. You can run in memory of Juju, and to help so many others like Coleman who are still fighting childhood cancers. Coleman's supporters are also doing random acts of kindness, so why not join in and pay it forward? My kids are keeping silent track of their anonymous goodwill here. I read a lady tell a story about how her grandad taught her that serving others without them knowing who did it was serving God and was what helped us get close to him. He called it Soul Food. So he was her secret accomplice to report to each week till she was old enough he knew she would continue on her own. Isn't that great? We're collecting soul food now.

Very lastly on a true culinary note, I made sushi this week as well as teriyaki chicken. It is so easy and I love it. Half the family doesn't eat fish, so I get to pig out on it myself! Thanks Ellen for the recipe, which reads just like mine do-gotta love it here.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I cannot believe they were mattress sledding on the stairs! Oh my! You were right to join them. If you can't beat them, you might as well have just as much fun as they are having.

joshua diego said...

that looks like so much fun i bet they were happy doing that thats good that they get to do stuff like that with parents permision and supervision because most kids would do it themself and get hurt or something