Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Updates in April

Happy Valley alert!
I would never have thought it but the Beautiful Bodacious Babbling Blogging Babes is a cover up for a group of huffers. Just listen to what I overheard at their last gathering....
It started out just by letting the little LDS guard down a notch..."I need some coffee"
Then they moved on to more hard core stuff... "I want to sniff that!" " I'm getting a sniffer's high" These were all a bunch of married Mormon ladies with kids mind you..."I think I'm getting a headache." "Yeah, I think you're going to get a big hangover" Did I mention there were babies present? In front of babies! It gets worse! "Did you get naked yet?" I can't go on!
I have to tell the truth. It was an Urban Botanics party. There were a gob of oils and we got to make our own fragrances! It was the funnest thing. Honestly, I didn't think it was going to be that exciting, but who wouldn't ditch their kids for an hour to eat a buncha yummy potluck and socialize with some fun ladies? Then I suddenly felt like I was living the movie "Perfume", which by the way was very, very well done and sorta in the realismo magico genre, which I love. However, don't see it if you didn't yet, unless you can find one that got chopped up with scissors because it has scenes that are inappropriate for your eyes (and mine, but I'm brainless and need to learn to be more selective) plus it was just plain macabre. All that aside, the cool thing about it was how they portrayed the main character's sense of smell and quest to make the perfect perfume. That's the point. Soon I was on my quest to make the perfect scent, and I made a pretty good one considering I was a confused newbie with not the best sense of smell. I made a lotion out of it and the lotion is really great too! My hands and elbows and husband are loving it. And now I'm addicted, I want to make more scents. I will do it again someday. My first is called Summer Dawn because it reminds me of when I would get up on vacation and go out to my grandparent's trees and climb them to pick a grapefruit for breakfast. Another great friend there, Jeri made something with my scent too. I love the other scent she made, so we obviously share scentuous tastes. So, our hostess, Karlene has a site here if you want to check out all the different essences we had to choose from, and I think you can order Summer Dawn from her too! P.S., oh yes you can! Click on my link on the top of the sidebar that says Summer Dawn. I'm a famous fragrance designer! LOL!!!

I'd like to thank Lijy for giving me this award, I think I'll copy it and hang it on the wall to try to brainwash my kids into thinking I'm powerful. :) Thanks!
Snow and sunshine. The first one of those is getting old and the second isn't sticking around enough. But I have faith. I bought seeds. I won't find the old ones till August most likely.
We've had lots of family things, get-togethers with my brother coming down for conference, a nephew/cousin's baptism, the family celebration of the birthdays, and a Family Home Evening with the grandparents which was really fun. At first my kids acted exactly like they do at home. It was so authentic. Enigma whined at Gigio and Carino for existing while one poked the other and the Things were bouncing around the room like a couple of bouncy balls, and we couldn't get everyone to settle down at once. But, eventually we got everyone's attention by pulling out the butter churn; an old butter churn that used to be my grandparents'. The Things were fascinated and soon all was calm. They learned all about how their grandpa grew up on a dairy farm and got to milk cows every day, and how they would separate the milk and the cream and and how both grandparents got to churn butter. Then we churned butter. It was cool. Don't try to make 6 cups worth at a time though, it is killer! Of course we ate cream after that, and butter on biscuits as well. The kids loved it. I'm kicking myself that I didn't bring my camera and take pictures. All these relics are pretty neat, and the Things didn't even bust the old paddles you use to put the butter in the press. We are still eating our butter.
We forgot to register the van. In January. I got stopped on the way dropping kids off at school. In April. I had no idea... then I found the registration form tacked to the bulletin board at home. Just part of the decor... Now we're trying to get our engine light off so we can pass inspection and permanently register it.
Chaos reigns supreme as usual. 3/5 of them are on spring break. Enigma has a crazy prom saga going on, which I hope will end happily. Hope, hope, hope! She also has high prolactin levels which means she has to get an MRI to check out her pituitary gland. Should be fun. I already roped Papi into going with her since he's had these already, that's my excuse. Hypochondria+drama=hide! I don't really want to be there when she has her firstborn either. Remind me of that, even though I'll go anyways.
Thing 1 is being so cute!!! I just want to eat him up. One day when I tucked them in to bed, he said he wished I was almost 6 like him. I told him I already was. A loooong time ago. But he wishes I could be his age now. I asked if I were his age, who would drive him places and fix his food and help him, etc. He said I would. I explained that if I was almost 6 I wouldn't be able to do things like that and Thing 2 chimed in from the top bunk, "Just kidding, Mom!" I still think it's sweet he wants me to be his age, kinda like he wishes I was his twin. The things are going through a separation of identity stage, which is a nice way of saying they fight a lot. Thing 1 says he doesn't love Thing 2 because he likes Megatron. I love him, even if he has evil tendencies :). Both Things were a little confused about having the extended family celebrate their birthdays early. Are they 6 or not? Are they going to get the gifts I hid and they found already? They are having a blast with all the presents they got, by the way. Heaven for spring break. In a moment of insanity or laziness, I bought transformers cupcakes for them to take to the celebration. They all had a transformers ring on them, but the frosting was bright red and blue. Dumb. Dumb. Mom. I let them eat the leftovers any time of the day or night just to get the mess out of the way ASAP. If I ever took cameras anywhere, I'd have some great photos for you. Instead, my sister in law has them. So, back to the celebration, they each got a bag of gummy worms and as the grown ups were talking, Thing1 came in and shared a gummy worm with each of us. Then, last night when the kids wouldn't go to bed, I said they were so kind to stay up so late to help me clean the house. That got everyone to bed quick, but this morning Thing 1 got up and started mopping the floors, because he was supposed to help me clean last night. Is that sweet or what? I have no idea where this is coming from, but I'm loving it.


This is in response to a post by Burgh Baby's Mom: I saw this recently while going on a court assignment. What the....? Had I only known, I wouldn't have bothered even having babies. I really need to keep a camera in the car. I went back just for you. Sweet dreams!


Kalynne Pudner said...

Weighted babies? As opposed to, what? Weightless babies?

Happy Rest-of-April!

Shellie said...

I know! Isn't that insane??

The Sports Mama said...

Ok, going with your random thing... ;)

I know you come over to visit my blog frequently. You even comment and everything! And yet... I'm not on your blogroll.

Just wonderin'......

Shellie said...

It's cuz I'm just so lazy, my blogroll is from like the first month I started blogging, I'm so lame, I just can't keep up with the housekeeping around here! You are in the blogroll of my heart, hon and once I update, you're right up there!!

Burgh Baby said...

WHAT THE H%LL? Weighted? Life size? WHY? I guess at least the fake ones don't talk back. And if they do, then you've got bigger problems, right?

I have totally missed out on registering on car at least twice. Same reason--I hung the thing up to take care of it later and later never came. Oops.

Kellan said...

Sounds like a fun time with the ladies - I could use a ladies night out!! Have a good day - Kellan

caramama said...

That make-your-frangrance party sounds like fun... as long as you can smell (my sense of smell is back, so I'd go!).

I love the story about Thing 1! That's so sweet.

And I'm really freaked out by doll makers now, between this and BBM's post. Yikes!

Genevieve Hinson said...

*giggle* Oh that's a silly sign. I wonder what folks would do with said baby once they had one weighted?

Karen said...

Wow, so are you going to retire off the proceeds from your fragrance?

And I'm with you on that baby thing. I could probably let those at home when I want to with no laws being broken.

Shellie said...

LOL, Karen! I could maybe make enough to buy a stick of gum someday.

Shellie said...

LOL, Karen! I could maybe make enough to buy a stick of gum someday.

Karlene said...

Hey, I just tagged you on my blog.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I love your random updates! Love to read all the goings-on helps me feel normal! :) The sign is killer!:P