Friday, May 30, 2008

2 Teach is 2 Touch Lives 4 Ever-2

Dear Misdavie (Miss Davies),

We are so glad you were our teacher this year. We loved our class, even if we had to learn not to tattle on Connor when he was "bugging us" You and your aids (specially Miss Audrey) were very patient with all of us when you wouldn't do what we wanted you to do; lots more patient than we were with you. Maybe someday we will be big like that. We had a lot of fun! We know we didn't like to write our names at first but you helped us and now we can! We are so proud!

We are also happy that you taught us to use the computer and took us to PE and OT and the library, even if we hate being quiet in that place. Thanks for helping us learn to sit and listen and do what the class is doing, that will help us a lot. Thanks for all the snacks, too!

Thanks for letting us show and tell our toys a lot and for reading bug books to us. We can tell you really love us and you're not nice just cuz it's your job, cuz you like to tell our mom about all the things we say and do in your class! You are a nice teacher. Our mom says you have to work real hard to be such a good teacher. We hope you have some great kids in your next class that are just as fun as us! Have a fun summer and we hope you learn to play with worms. We love you a whole bunch!


Thing 1 and Thing 2

(that's our secret spy names) oh, and thanks for the bubble swords!


Anonymous said...

Very very cute!!!

Candace E. Salima said...

Aw, that's just cute.

Karen said...

Those boys? Cute. Those aids? Deserve medals.

carrie & troy keiser said...

I like it!