Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Updates

The big news around here is that the boys are the owners of a rip-stick, which has Carino in 7th heaven. A neighbor boy who is into skateboarding decided to sell his rip-sticks for a song because he never uses them, he's too busy using a handful of skateboards. Couldn't pass up a deal like that. So far, no trips to the ER, just a bunch of scabby sore kids. Knock on wood.
The next biggest news is that a piece that holds the filter pump to the pool broke and I couldn't keep my finger in the dike. I got water in my face, holding it till Papi could cut the grass. I didn't hold it long enough, because the jungle gym was pulled out from under me. Now the pool has about 2" of algae infested water. A new part is on the way.
I have decided that I cannot continue to live if I don't get all the paper clutter under control once and for all this summer. If school starts, I will not get it done for at least another year. This has been going on for about 10 years now, folks. Now would be the time to nominate me for one of those organization shows, or send some organization freak my way, or even drop a friendly piece of advice on my comments. So far, I went on strike. I told the kids they have to cook and do the laundry till I get done. I started to work at about 2 pm Saturday, which is discouraging since I wanted to start at 9:30 am, but I worked and worked, and wicked woman that I am, introduced my kids to bread and milk. Dinner. Pretend you are living in the depression, I told them. I went to bed at about 1 am, and I have at least another stint like that to finish dumping and filing in my room, then I have an equal amount of junk in the family room and a similar amount of work in my office. Too bad I have to work, too.
Before I went crazy over the paper, I was working on a video/slideshow called Little But Loud, to sort of graphically explain the title of my blog. So far, I can't load it onto blogger. Maybe someday. In the meantime, I'm going to try to set a record for the most hyperlinks in one post. Stay tuned.
During wait time at court I'm reading my great great great grandfather's life history (Benjamin Franklin Johnson). It is a fascinating read. Don't know how easy it is to get a hold of that journal if you aren't family, but there is a series being written on the family he was a member of. The third book came out recently. I'm waiting to read it till my birthday. Mostly because at the last family birthday party, I noticed the ladies got a copy. Good stuff to read in honor of Pioneer Day, which you can now look up on my sidebar under the Big Fat Mormon Terminology Guide.
(Pioneer Day is one of the last entries so scroll way down!) There's a lot more work to do on that, but it's started at least.
At least one person noticed that I look like my grandma! Of course, Jamille knows me in person so maybe the resemblance was more noticeable. Speaking of pictures, Enigma got her pictures. She didn't have dandruff, that's just my watermark so you don't copy it- courtesy of the Things leaving crumbs on my scanner. I took her to Macaroni Grill for her birthday. The last time I went there, Gigio was a little curly headed baby who threw penne in his hair. We had fun. Both times. Seventeen is a fun age. She was very sick the days previous so I'm glad she was better on her birthday.
She also got a promotion at work.
Papi is going crazy too, with work and all. He's fit in going out for gelato and fixing bikes and things between all the insanity. Usually, we just see him sleep.
Some news from the Things: a milestone. Thing 2 called a helicopter a "helicopter" the other day instead of a "hot doctor". Sniff! He's growing up. Both he and Thing 1 still haven't renounced Transformers by any stretch of the imagination, but they have officially made the crossover to Bionicles taking the top spot in their lives. Luckily, they no longer call them "gay guys", but "chronicles" instead. The other day Thing 1 came to me and said, "Papi is grandpa" Oh, really? "Yes, I looked at his hair, and he has white hairs all over, he's being grandpa". Yep. But, my hair, he informed Thing 2, is "bee-uuful" cause I put white stuff on it (mousse).
For years my sensitive eared children have freaked out when I sing or put on music, which is ironic because they break all sound barriers frequently, but apparently, it's only OK if they are controlling the volume. Finally they are deciding to adapt to music. They even ask for songs. Oh happiness! I grew up singing and playing the piano with family all the time, so the fact I couldn't even listen to the radio was a sore spot in my life. Enigma also had fun with her cousins singing around the piano. Now she's had a taste of what I miss.
The other day the Things both started telling us to listen to their songs and each made up a tune-their own personal theme songs. Wish I could have gotten that on tape.
On another fun note, I got an award!
This is from the fun and spunky yet amazing, Merrianne! Thank you! I tried to figure out where this award started in the hopes of finding some interesting Spanish blogs to correspond with, but I went all over America and Europe before giving up on following the trail. Sigh! I saw too many art and craft blogs on the trail, which are trying to entice me to go back to those artsy days, but I can't do that till I purge the paper in my life and get my writing projects out of the way. So, that was a dangerous romp. Anyways, I don't know if you're supposed to be artsy or just have a brilliant weblog, to get this premio (award) . In any case, I'm supposed to link back to the nice person who gave it to me, and then link to 7 other people who I want to award and drop them a comment to come pick it up. This is always hard to choose, but I will give this to Lei, Debi, Joanna, Gerb, OHMommy, Caramama, and Kelly.

I'd also like to give a special Little But Loud award to the ladies who are Scarred for Life. Karen, Gerb, and Ali, thanks for sharing your hair raising experiences. I'm giving you each chocolate covered valium. You deserve it.
Also Lijy tagged me to tell 6 of my quirks. This could also be random facts, eh? and then I would be done with Karlene's tag too. I think I'm forgetting another tag somewhere, so if I lost yours, just remind me.
Is it a quirk to be scatterbrained? If it is, that is #1, and let me tell you, I am severely scatterbrained. If you don't believe me, just ask my family!
What? I'm so scatterbrained, I can't even think what my other quirks are! I will have to question some people about that one. I'm pretty sure most of them are related to #1.
Um, ok, maybe not, I just thought of one:
#2 I hate calling people on the phone. Don't ask me why, there is no logic. No one can actually stab you over the phone, and I don't think anyone's ever hung up on me in my life, but I can put off making phone calls till the cows come home. And I don't have any cows. I share this quirk with everyone in my family, except my mom who doesn't get it at all. So, mom, could you call the campground for me to see if there are spots left on the 24th? Oh, I guess not. I can hear the old rant quite clearly in my mind.
#3 Hot dogs give me a headache. I have to really want a hot dog to eat one because I will get a headache afterwards. Unless I can find Hebrew National franks. They aren't really big in Utah though.
#4 I cannot stand being submersed in cold water. I hate it! I will sponge bathe before getting in a cold shower and I never just jump into a pool, I have to ease in gradually. And don't splash! I wish I didn't feel this way. My spirit is willing but my skin is weak.
#5 I can't stand uncomfortable clothes. If I can't sleep in it, I probably can't be coerced into wearing it.
#6 I can't tell time. At all, I lose total control of what time it is all the time. One minute can seem like an hour, or a nano second and an hour can seem like a day or 2 minutes, all at the same time. Which is why I'm late to work right now, bye!


Kalynne Pudner said...

LOL (Hebrew National hot dogs not big in Utah)...

And Enigma is knock-down gorgeous. Seriously.

Good luck with your paper clutter. I'm a huge fan of matches, myself.

Gerb said...

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. (not like you need me to tell you that.) Thanks for the award - I'm not sure why I deserve it, but you are a kind soul. That's why I like you.

Jeri said...

what a gorgeous picture! good luck with the paper jungle! i feel for you!

The Cranes said...

My kids have the phone aversion, too. It must be a strong gene!

Don Mills Diva said...

What a gorgeous picture of your daughter!

Thank you sooo much for the award!

debi9kids said...

Thank you so much for the award.
Interesting! I am intrigued that you couldn't trace it (I have to know the origins of everything. LOL)
I will do this one later tonite.
:) Debi

Ashley said...

That picture is gorgeous!!! I can relate with you on a couple of those things... I can't stand being immersed in cold water either and am a major wimp about getting into a cold pool or the cold ocean. Brrrr! And I hate uncomfortable clothes too!

Joanna said...

That girl is gorgeous!! Glad she's feeling better.

Yeah for the Twins saying things better. Boo for now you're in the land of bionicles. I'm still there and I'm worried I may be trapped - forever.

Thank you for the award!

caramama said...

Your daughter is so gorgeous!!! Yeowza!

Good luck dealing with all the papers. I really really have to do that too. I just keep procrastinating, and it just keeps getting worse and slowly driving me crazy.

Thanks for the award!!

ali cross said...

Shellie that completely cracked me up - your quirks, I mean. I have the same quirk as you on the calling on the phone thing. I hate it.

Hey and guess what? My DH is a great great great grandson of Benjamin F. too! Or however many greats there is. We'll have to compare genealogies some time so I can show you where he fits in.

ali cross said...

OH! and I forgot to tell you that your daughter is drop dead gorgeous man. Yikes!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I absolutely LOVE your randoms! They bring a smile to my face. Speaking of faces, your daughter is beautiful.