Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Burning Birthday

Our Christmas letter in 1998 started out something like this: Last December ended with surprises. First, Papi brought home a puppy for Christmas, half black lab, half collie and very cute. We named him Mittens. Unfortunately, as he got bigger he ate everything in sight, even bit a hole in the swamp cooler tube and would pounce on Enigma and chew the clothes right off her back. He also knocked us all over all the time. So Papi had to chain him and we couldn't get near him, so since that was a pitiful existence, we gave him to a friend who was going to visit some family with a ranch in Mexico. Now mittens lives there and he's bilingual! The second surprise was even bigger and way better. The day before Christmas we found out we were having a baby! And we're keeping him, even if he knocks us down or chews everything in sight.

Guess what? I kept my word. He did indeed knock a lot of people and things down, and ate a lot of strange things. He was a CHAMPION biter. And we kept him anyways. So Gigio turned 10 this week. He wanted a Star Wars cake, so I said I thought I could make an R2D2. As the day drew near and I was going to work till about 3, reality set in, and I quick-like came up with a faster idea. I made light saber cupcakes! I got glow sticks at the dollar store and found a crazy cake pan accessory that turns a cake into a bundt kinda, that was perfect for the handles. I dipped the cupcakes in candy melts, then froze them so they wouldn't be melty, and stuck the glow sticks in the top. I felt like a little Bakerella.

I started making them during lunch and left Enigma to cook the last half of them. Then later, I got a call from Enigma saying she'd burnt herself. I called her on a break and she had bumped herself and freaked out and started to drop the big pan the little pan was resting in, then decided she better not let it fall and caught it. She got 2nd degree burns on her hand. She went brain dead and didn't know what to do , so she called her aunt since I was not available and got advice. She ended up making an appointment to have it looked at. I gave her some advice what to do in the meantime. Papi took the boys to the movies that afternoon so a friend drove her to the doctor. Of course this would be one of those days where I didn't get out of court till 5 instead. I felt like the crummiest mom in the world.

Meanwhile, the Dr. put some film on her skin that is similar to a graft and slathered it with this frosting looking stuff and wrapped it all up. The next day I was supposed to take her in to change the dressing and see how it was coming along. Guess what? It looked really good! It was still sore so she had a smaller wrap, but got done with that today and she's good to go! The cupcakes were a big hit with the boys, more so for playing than for eating, which was a source of frustration for the girl who sacrificed her hand to make them. Here they are!

Oh, and Gigio doesn't usually bite or push anymore either! Happy Birthday, buddy!


Casdok said...

Super pics!
Happy birthday!

Joanna said...

Oh my! I hope her hand feels better. Oh the dreaded Bionicles - have fun with that. FYI sweepers love to eat them - just saying. :)

caramama said...

Happy birthday to Gigio!!!

Hope Enigma is feeling better.

Those cupcakes are awesome!

BoufMom9 said...

OH wow! Those are COOL cupcakes! You should submit that idea to Tip Junkie!

Poor little hands! How awful! Hope they get better quickly.

ps Thanks for the laugh in my comments! I know, I am insane sometimes and post WAY TOO MUCH! LOL

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

The cupcakes are very cool! What a sacrifice for a big sis to make!
Happy Birthday Gigio!

Burgh Baby said...

Happy birthday, Gigio!

Great photos, adorable cupcakes, and I hope Enigma's burns heal pronto.

mommeeof9 said...

My Thomas, 14, loves bionicles and hates his siblings to take them apart. Of course, he also whines about having to take them apart so he can put them in his foot locker and lock it.

Anne Bradshaw said...

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The Cranes said...

My kids keep bugging me, "When are we going to get together to celebrate Gigio's birthday?" That is horrible about Enigma's burns and that you had to be at work late. I made Jeremy a Star Wars cake one year but I am not clever like you. I can't believe that was your "simple" idea! I just borrowed some of his little ship and action figure toys and put them on top of a plain, flat, 9x13 cake. I finally have caught up on reading your blog--somehow I knew that Fillmore was the territorial capitol--I can't remember important things but useless trivia sticks! Hope you can get out of the ticket since your speedomoter is to blame. All the radar things that tell you how fast you are going consistently tell me my van is going 2 MPH slower than my speedomoter says so I know I am safe (There was a permanent one on a street I frequented near my house in Arizona. You could've used one of those near your house!) Ha, ha! I love that I know the end to the Sunday story while all your blogger friends are dying from the suspense! But I won't tell!

Darla said...

Cute pics, cute kids! And fun catching up on your blog!:)