Friday, November 14, 2008

Post Election De-briefing

Are they all gone? All the commercials and radio shows on the election? I just turned on the radio and heard them talking about parrots. Finally! Whew! So, this election, I had a spiritual experience, a revelation. Would it be irreverent to say- I'm alright, Mom, I just found out for myself that the Republican party isn't true? (And NO party is so I should join none of them?) Let me know, because I would hate to post something irreverent.

SO, in closing, I just wanna say a few things about the election:
I'm so glad that I can go vote and no one will shoot me for showing up.
I'm so glad I could choose between 2 candidates, not 1, for the offices to be filled this year. I felt so much more useful.
I'm so glad I could help some new citizens vote this year.
I'm so glad so many people got involved and voted this year.
I'm so glad that as much as all the campaigns made me want to hurl, the candidates this year all had some promising qualities. Yeah, some concerning qualities, too but they are human.
I'm so glad that I can pray for my elected officials.
I'm so glad that even if I don't have control over what they do, I DO have a say in the process.
I'm so glad Martin Luther King's dream is getting closer to reality way faster than he imagined.
I'm so glad my Enigma isn't afraid to speak out when racist comments are hurting people.
I'm so glad I know one party isn't backed by God and the other by Satan.
I'm so glad we are all going to have to face the challenges ahead together, as hard as that will be.
I'm SO GLAD the elections are over!

And, wanna join my new party? The Purple party. We'll call it the FLY Country party. (In case you're not aware of Flylady, fly stands for finally loving your(self) cut that last syllable off now and just add country! And just like fly lady, we are all about ending the chaos, and whipping this place into shape. We will not run for office, because we are all too busy running our homes in this party. This is not a political party, but a brainstorming party. A sort of tea party of the minds. We will deal with where politics and government best deal with social issues and where we'd be better off having someone else work on it, like US, the moms! You know, we, the moms, miss out on a whole lot of what goes on and play an inactive role in the biggest issues facing society because we are too busy raising our kids. If it weren't for that, we would have whipped the world into shape by now. But, we wield the biggest influence, because we are the ones teaching the future generation. SO, what if by the magic of the internet we had a place to go to and link some good or bad info we found or voice a concern over some issue or offer a recap on something we are well versed in? What if we posted ideas large and small that might help? Pretty soon there would be a truckload of more informed moms out there wielding their super powers for good. So, that's what the Purple party plans to do. Coming soon to a blog near you.

One of our first item of business will be to clean up. You ever notice how if you just let your computer go, it ends up with files all over the place and you can't even find what you're looking for and the dang system keeps hiccupping and programs start acting weird and you need to backup stuff, delete stuff, defragment, clean-up viruses and all that jazz? Well, we need to do that to our government. Bad. This might seem like an impossible task, but just 15 minutes a day of de-cluttering our government could have us running smoothly in a few years. :) We could start by figuring out an improvement to campaign financing within the next 4 years so next time we won't be able to feed all the starving people in the Darfur region with what was just wasted on campaigns and most of it was fluffy or nasty nonsense that didn't give anyone a better idea of who to vote for.

There are a whole host of other issues out there that we can respectfully present, find and analyze information about them, think of creative solutions-good and bad, and figure out the pros and cons of implementing them. And there will be no virtual chair throwing or breaking of the hostesses' nose. This is not about drama. This is a classy party. You act disrespectfully, you end up in time out!
SO, post me your items of business and I'll call a meeting soon. (OK, probably after Christmas, but that will come soon!)


4boyzmdmom said...

I love the idea of "de-cluttering" the government--15 minutes at a time! Sign me up for your "party"!

RAQ said...

Let do it!!!

Merrianne (Miss Pickle) said...

great post Shellie!!!!!

The Sports Mama said...

Ok, so while I haven't actually been by in a while, I've been checking on you pretty regularly in my reader. :)

The statement that absolutely jumped out at me in this post?

I'm so glad my Enigma isn't afraid to speak out when racist comments are hurting people.

That is awesome.

Abby said...

Awesome post. And thanks for stopping by. The Pentagon? COOL! What did you do to deserve that?

Joanna said...

Go Shellie!! What department would be responsible for de-cluttering? Because I think you need to send in that suggestion.

I'm very glad the elections are over. Now bring on the holidays.

Jen said...

Cute post! I too am grateful for many blessings related to our choice in voting.

I love Flylady.

Lei said...

I like that 3rd to last one on your list very much! And the Purple party blog sounds like a FABULOUS idea. Love it!