Monday, February 23, 2009

Won't You Be My Valentine?

A few days before Valentines, Gigio asked me why people don't answer when you ask them to be your Valentine. Hypothetically. Except it sounded pretty specific.
Well, maybe a lot of people think of it as a rhetorical question and figure they don't need to answer, right? That it is just a Valentines gesture like saying "How are you?" on a normal day and then skipping right over that and talking about something else.
Except another girl told another boy NO when he asked. (Poor boy).
In any case, the hypothetically specific girl not answering was tormenting his soul.
Meanwhile, Carino's list of students in his class for Valentines preparation had a circle around the name Ivana. Interesting...
Friday the 13th was hijacked by Valentine's Day at schools all over the country. The Jr. High students made a special hot lunch of ravioli for the occasion, so the boys begged to have hot lunch that day and I conceded.
I went that afternoon to pick them up. Gigio was bouncing off the walls. Guess what? SHE SAID YES! If she had've told him sooner, he would have gotten her a pink rose (that stands for crush, because, yes, he confirmed, he had a crush on Sophia. White is friends, and red is love. Also, Emma got 2 pink roses and a red rose and a white rose. -Is she hot?- No, but she's tall and talks a lot and she's the one who used to pick him up in Kindergarten.) Not only that, but the ravioli was so delicious, he ate it all and any he could get off of anyone else and would I please make some at home, because it is soooo good! (Following this, we all get detailed instructions on how to make ravioli.) Oh, and he lost his seat today after being too wild and leaning it back too many times. Because the ravioli made him excited.
Could it be that the prospect of the imminent Valentines party and all the sweets had anything to do with his hyperactivity?
Well, not really. Except the fact that" she said yes" could have made him hyper too. After all, he was smiling all the time after he got that note. So, yeah, the girl had anything to do with it. But, it was mostly the ravioli, he declared. Girls are great, but RAVIOLI? True. Love. (Men!)
Later that day, as Carino went through all his loot, he came running to show me a handmade Valentine by Ivana. It said I heart U! Euphoria reigned on Valentine's Day at our house.

P.S. Someday soon, I might finish getting my taxes ready and the props for the fourth grade program, and I did get an internet connection in a more central location in my home, so I just might join the blogging community again in the near future. Hope to read ya soon!


Mary Ellen said...

Glad to hear about all the young love going around over there!

4boyzmdmom said...

Well of course the girls like those boys--they are so cute!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

as usual fun filled stories round your house! The older they get the more interesting the stories, huh? Shantel was recently asked by 3 different guys to the middle school dance and she had to tell them all NO cause she can't go to dances yet! :)