Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy 10th BIrthday, Carino

Apparently, there is no way to get a birthday party ready ahead of time, stress-free like here no matter how hard you try. I spent time and money ahead of time but still ended up devoting my whole entire day to "last minute preparations". In spite of the fact that I don't really want to think about doing this again, I had a lot of fun and it turned out great. Carino chose a Fear Factor theme for his party. There were 15 boys in all. We started out with a release form where they had to agree to be contestants on Carino's Fear Factor Party, with a bunch of fun releases like they wouldn't hold him liable if they barfed, and just in case we gave them a barf bag and that any photos or video taken of them would be released to Carino for use in future birthday party promotions, etc. Most importantly, they had to have fun. Then we had them each make a blob of slime to take with them and get name tags. When everyone was ready, we started in on the challenges. They didn't have to do a challenge if they didn't want to, but each challenge you did you got a ticket for. Then you got tickets for being high scorers too. In the end, you got to pick a prize from a prize box, the highest ticket holders choosing first.
Our first challenge was to be medical examiners for CSI Las Vegas and find the cause of death of the old woman who swallowed some things, namely snakes and lizards. The catch is they had to find the snakes and lizards blindfolded in a vat of guts (spaghetti mixed with gravy and water-slimy and sticky!).
Next, they had to clean up the diapers of a bunch of kids at Daddy's Day Care. They got into a box of chiclets while the Daddys weren't looking and had blowout diapers. The catch here was they had to pick out the pieces of gum with their teeth. The diapers were filled with a few rolos, the gum pieces, and a bunch of chocolate pudding. Mmmm! It didn't bug some kids, but others were a little grossed out at the suggestion.
After that they got to pick a Moai's nose who had a bad case of sinusitis. They were trying to get out the hard boogers. They could use fingers or chopsticks. (More slime and chiclets, yellow and green ones) This one was nearly impossible, but they had fun trying.
Next, they had to save Mr Carebear who was kidnapped and chained to a chair and the key to the lock was thrown into a container with several other keys and a bunch of live crickets. We saved Mr. Carebear 4 times!
Following that, we had a vat full of water and seafood, octopus, squid, mussels, crab. We added a block of ice and said we were in the Antarctic saving the fish. They had to get as many pieces of seafood out of the vat as they could-with their feet.
After this, we had taste testing. I got lots of exotic delicacies from Africa. Namely: Bear's blood (tomato soup) caterpillar guts (pureed peas), roadkill (gummy worms rolled in a bunch of brown sugar), bird poop (thinned out white icing- heavy on the butter to make it kinda lumpy and slimier), dog barf (cooked oatmeat with more brown sugar, cocoa, and craisins stirred into it), and chocolate covered flies (raisinettes). Carino came seriously close to hurling after eating the dog barf! There were some choice expressions (not many liked the caterpillar guts). A few kids opted out on a lot, but a lot of them did them all. A few had to have a drink afterwards.
Next we had a garbage bag pinata. It was filled with all plastic toys and water, so when it started to break, it started leaking all over, then splash! It all came out.
Last we ate. We had hotdogs and string cheese and cow poop cake (smashed brownies with fake bugs on it), and used bandaids (grahams with a marshmallow tip and center and red food coloring on the marshmallow). Our punch was potty punch, sprite colored yellow with ice cubes I had frozen hershey's kisses into ahead of time. It was gross. But it all tasted good. We also had good old mint chocolate chip ice cream to go with the cake. After opening presents, all the kids had watergun fights with the waterguns from the pinata and played basketball. Everyone seemed to have a great time even though we grossed a few of them out a bit too much.
Thanks again to for getting us going on ideas. It is a lifesaver!

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4boyzmdmom said...

Wow! That sounded sooooo gross! (In other words, sooooo cool for the boys!) What a bunch of great ideas--you are amazing! Hey, was that Izak who broke the pinata?

Elizabeth said...

Oh. My. Gosh.
I think I would have been too grossed out to watch. Congrats to all those who "stuck it out"...
I liked the "pinata" idea!
Yes, there is NO WAY to totally prepare ahead of matter how much you try!
Get some rest now...
Blessings, E

Shellie said...

Yes, it was Izak :)

RAQ said...

Izak had a great time! Thanks for all the fun!

caramama said...

Happy Birthday, Carino!

What a neat party! I mean, too gross for me to handle, but a great theme and games!

The Cranes said...

Ooo! That grossed me out just reading about it. It is fun to get the details since Jeremy went straight to a camp-out from the party, I never got to ask him all about what they did. Cool ideas--I'm sure they all had a blast!

Run DMT said...

What an awesome birthday! That was so creative! You should submit that to and maybe you will win something for your creativity.