Friday, May 29, 2009

Think Tank and Diva Alert

I have a new think tank post about moral dilemmas and a new book up on the book club tab for you to read as well. It is a bit lonely over there where you have to think, but if I make your head hurt, you can just whine in the comment section. Also, BTW, I have been posting for the month of May over at Healthy Divas. It's getting lonely over there recently, since May is possibly worse than December in the busy category, so feel free to visit and catch up on my exercising habits, breakfast and lunch status, and my stand on how best to consume omega 3's. I stand alone at my house. Soon I will be back here with stories and mysteries from my house.


Elizabeth said...

you are too funny. I'll catch up with you asap. Feeling the May over-whelmed-ness myself!

* said...

Oooh, I love the thoughts on your blog sidebar, especially the one about being repotted. Sweet stuff.

PS: found you on Mormon Mommy blogs, and very glad I did. ;)