Friday, August 21, 2009

The First Day of School

Papi (to Thing 1): Hey, how was your first day of school?
Thing 1 (while running off to play): Why don't you just guess!?

I guess it was good. Everyone seems really happy with their teachers and classes.
The first day when I woke up Carino, he shot out of bed and raced up the stairs like a bullet. By the time I plodded up there, he was already dressed. Just a wee bit excited, I'd say. Too bad he won't do that all year. He already started acting more normal this morning.

Sorry to take so long to update, but I've been trying to get my pictures to work on my computer and they don't want to. Also, I have two refugee dogs in my backyard, and obviously all the back to school stuff has been going on and I've been babysitting kids, working, and trying to get my boy Gigio ready for a scout review or some such thing. I'm also attacking the mess bit by too little bit and trying to help a few people work their way through a few ugly situations. In other words, life is crazy. Stay tuned. More to come someday.

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RAQ said...

Too bad we couldn't see any pictures! Nice they didn't hate school...we are working on that over here with the big boys!