Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Penco-Oh Bring Back My Chile To Me!

My friend Mary lives in this town- 3 blocks from the beach. Unlike her neighbors, her house wasn't washed away, but it is wet and uninhabitable. The aftershocks are earthquakes, big ones, daily. Yesterday right before their new president was inaugurated they had a 7.7 quake. I was just chatting with my friend Mary who is staying with relatives. She signed off because the conversation kept getting interrupted by one big aftershock after another. What a way to live- it must be impossible to get any sleep at all. This is so much worse than 1985. Really, I would like it to stop shaking and leave my Chilenos and this beautiful land in peace. Soon! Please, God, Preeeeety Pleeeeeease?


RAQ said...

I've read about those and it sounds miserable! Bless them.

4boyzmdmom said...

Wow! That's just awful! I hope things settle down there soon so they can try to get their lives put back together!