Sunday, August 29, 2010


Here he is! The two eared Carino! Isn't that amazing? His prosthetist, Paul Tanner, of the Huntsman Institute up at U of U is really awesome. He flew into town the night before our appointment and stayed up all night doing this ear and another lady's job so they could go back to school with them on time.
Here are the goats, 6 months old, and all grown up with beards. They are peeping toms, I catch them looking through this window when Enigma is in that room and they run away when they see me! Too funny. Aren't they handsome little guys?
And now, a sad tale. Yesterday the goats figured out how to get out of the yard, so they could go munch on somebody else's delicious grape vines, because they must be Greek they love grape leaves ever so much, and our vines are trimmed to as high as they can reach. They got busted by the police. And we had till Tuesday to find them a new place to live because they are not allowed here. I think it is very discriminatory-they are way better than cats or dogs. But since we were going to have to find a new home for them anyways, this just put the lead on it.

Some goodbye hugs.
even Papi says good bye. Enigma's grandparents have a farm just over their backyard fence. They said they could keep them there, so off we went. Here's Buckley with a big goat! Head butting is a favorite activity.
However, as soon as we tried to leave, the goats left with us, escaping through the fence at a spot big enough for them to squeeze through. We chased them down the road a ways till they let us catch up with them, then we went to plan B, some other neighbors with a pygmy goat proof pen. They were very gracious to take them at such short notice. I'm sure they'll have fun there, but we need to find them a permanent home now. One with girl pygmy goats. Know anyone breeding pygmy goats in Utah? We've got an offer they won't want to miss out on.


The Cranes said...

I had no idea Cristian was getting an ear! Nate's grandma just sent us an email that had a photo story showing a little girl getting an ear and I was going to forward it to you and ask why Cristian couldn't get something like that for now, but now I see he already has! I knew, of course, that the jaw would still nedd a lot of work... But it looks great!

Liz said...

Awesome. We didn't know Cristian was getting a new ear either. Sometimes I really feel far away, but then things have been a little hectic here.

4boyzmdmom said...

Cristian looks great with his new ear! (He looked great without it, too...) Mom alluded to an adventure with Erika's goats in her letter this I know what it is.

Alabama Daycare Forms said...

I really am happy for you!

RAQ said...

so I am behind, love Cristian's ear! where are the goats now? good luck!

caramama said...

Congrats to Carino! His ear looks fantastic! I'm glad he got it done in time for the school year to start.

Sorry you can't keep the goats. They are so cute!

Darla said...

Hey, wait a minute...where did you go? I'm trying to catch up with everyone again before I have my baby and go into my brain fog state. I just realized, I've already caught up to you with this post, awhile ago!

Any updates? :)

P.S. Just realized that although I had read this post, I hadn't even commented...what a slacker! :)