Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Books and Goats and papers and things...

The goat stories will never end. Engima went to visit her goats. They are both going to be daddies! And they still remember her. Their wives are a little stand offish. The new owners love our goats. They say they are very well behaved. Most goats aren't as obedient and friendly. But then again, most goats weren't raised like they were dogs. :) But, it just goes to show- if you treat someone or should we say some being in this case like they are goats, they will act like it, but if you believe in them and give them love and expect them to act like pets, they will live up to your great expectations. :)

Moving on, Enigma went back to the dollar store where I got the last 2 hand puppet pigs and found the last 2 elephants in the hand puppet bin. Score number 2! So, now you are asking yourself why in the heck we wanted elephants. Or pigs, but if you just go back a few posts to Halloween the answer to that question is there. As for the elephants, Thing 1 has found some early readers he adores. They are a series of books about 2 friends Piggie and Gerald (the Elephant, who wears glasses). They are by Mo Willems and are as entertaining as Dick and Jane are stupid. I actually like these books. So Thing 1 has loved his Piggie to death and wanted a Gerald to go with it. Of course, Thing 2 didn't want to be left out. Enigma even made them glasses. But, they got lost in the great bedroom purge.
Side track: I have the most wondiferous friend who has decided it is her therapy to de-junk my house. Do you hear the heavenly angels singing? We have made some real progress. Mostly she has made some real progress but I am fighting to keep it that way.
And now, back to the books. So, since the boys were enjoying Mo Willems I looked for more books by him and found one with the best title: Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed. People, it doesn't get much better than that. Except, it can get even more bizarre. I hurriedly grabbed some books with covers that looked appealing to the boys last time I was at the library and later I noticed the title of one was Introduction to Animal Autopsy. I'm hoping no one actually reads it.
Now for my last book review, we have Moxie Maxwell Doesn't Like Stuart Little. This is a charming book, whose pages came alive over Thanksgiving as I forced Carino to actually read it. It's about a girl who puts off reading Stuart Little. But ends up liking it in the end. Sort of the same plot as real life. Check it out.
Do not read my last paper for my Psych 111 class. It is as boring as Dick and Jane are stupid, Gerald and Piggie and Naked Mole Rats getting dressed are entertaining and as Charming as Moxie Maxwell leading a parallel life with Carino are. Because we were specifically instructed to make it boring in great detail, with no room to squeeze in anything that even went beyond superficial. Just as long as we backed it up with references to peer reviewed journal articles, that's all that mattered. I was interrupted every two words I read or wrote and every time someone bumped the cord on the computer it died and let's just say that it was a less than positive experience and I finished it at 2:30 in the morning and have no idea if it makes any sense at all. Why am I taking Psychology classes? Didn't I finish school? I did. Then a funny thing happened a year ago last spring or so. I was interpreting for a trial and one of the witnesses said he was a mediator for the courts and they asked him how he became one, and truly it is not a long and drawn out process. I have interpreted for mediators before and it's actually a cool job and has a lot of common characteristics with interpreters. I thought, hmm, I should look into that. Then like 2 weeks later, Papi says he has a student working for him who just took a mediating class at UVU and this student, who I met once, thought I would be a good mediator and I should go take the class. Click! It just all fit. I contacted the teacher and he told me what I needed to do. So, first I have to have this Psych class. It only took a year and a half to get approval to take it at BYU where it is free for me. Of course, the mediating class is no longer offered since 3 different departments offered it and were duplicating each other, they apparently all decided to cancel it. Finally, however just in the nick of time, I got approved to take my Psych class this semester. SO here I am, whining about homework all the time. It's a very fascinating class, but I almost forget to go to it all the time because I'm so used to not being a student. So far, I'm getting a solid A- or B+ or something like that. Considering the circumstances, I'm thinking that's not too bad. Now I just have to find out how to get myself into the next course. Maybe it won't take a year and a half. Or maybe it will. I would say stay tuned but no one has that long an attention span.
Gotta go do everything I should be doing instead of this. Chao!

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wow! you are even more amazing! I need to get me that Mole Rate book!