Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shellie Thaws Out

This Christmas, Papi asked me the usual- what do you want for Christmas? I gave my usual answer- I don't know. Then, one day I was so freezing cold, I said, do you know what I want for Christmas? 7 pairs of thermal underwear!  And he did it!  For once I was comfortable in the winter.  It was great.  I could almost enjoy winter.  Then, it got hot enough to go back to regular underwear.  Then it got hot enough to turn on the air conditioning.  So we did.  But it didn't work.  So we got it fixed.  It worked for about five days.  Then repairman said we needed a bigger system.  We opened the windows.  The end.  No air conditioning in my house.  The air conditioning was already broken in my car.  SO, I finally thawed out.  Some days I actually get hot.  Which is awesome.  Now I can stand an hour or two in an air conditioned courtroom if I'm wearing long sleeves and still feel comfortable.  The freezer which is my church still needs a little help.  But I finally don't feel cold most of  the time.  I feel so much more energetic and joyful. I love the sun! Also, I love having the windows open, because you can hear all the birds and bugs and kids and wind in the trees and the rain and all those outdoor sounds and smell the outdoors and feel the outdoor air and I have decided that I would live to live somewhere in the world that the temperatures all year round vary between 70 and 100 degrees Faranheit.  Then, I would like to live there in a house with a very open floor plan so I feel like I am living outdoors.  That is my retirement dream.  Any ideas where I could go?


RAQ said...

Guadalajara seems to be pretty temperate! Hawaii but cheap!

4boyzmdmom said...

Take me with you!!!