Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Beauty Campaign Rocks!

My friend Dinorah who got me to do Dressing Your Truth, said I should be a poster child for them. Then Shazam! The next thing I knew, I found out I was going to be one! Her wish was the Universe's command. All I did was answer a survey, and suddenly, I got an invitation to be a part of this campaign. They have partnered up with My Beauty Campaign, which is a mission that a group of photographers have set up to help every woman be able to say she is beautiful, and mean it.
 The founder, Mandi Nuttal was my photographer. She is really sweet and professional.  I told her I always felt like a stick figure in photographs so she agreed to help me learn to pose.  It turns out that it's simple. If you stand there trying to look natural, you don't.  If you stand like a contortionist, in the most unnatural stance possible, with your shoulder bend one way, your leg thata way, your hip at yet another angle, and your head just so, which doesn't align with any of your other body parts,  you will look natural!  I know: it's paradoxical, but it's true. Plus, you feel so silly it makes you smile quite naturally! Whoda thunk! Mandi is also really good at putting you at ease. That could help too, as well as all that camera magic stuff she does.  
  So, I finally went and visited the DYT people for this photo shoot and they aren't little people on my computer screen, they are real life people who are bigger than me! (Sure that one shocks you all). And nicely enough, they are kind, gracious, helpful and overall fun to hang out with in real life too. Emily helped style my hair which my lovely daughter Erika cut so well, and also did my makeup really sweet. Sara helped pick outfits for me and found awesome jewelry for me to wear. I don't think I ever got to play dress up with friends as a kid, (mostly because I was playing with boys,) but now I got my chance to do that. Fun! Their store is fun to shop in too guys, even the cashier is a real buddy.  I controlled myself and didn't waste all my money. So now I want to go back and waste all my money.   Ha! 
So the other half of this is once I got selected, I had to go through a series of exercises to help me see my inner and outer beauty. It was kind of a journey of where I've come from to where I'm at now, and where I'm going. It is such a sweet program, I would love to give this experience to so many amazing and beautiful women I know, especially the ones that don't realize how beautiful they are- not to mention all the girls out there just starting their journey as women. It is a bit silly that at the age when I'm supposed to start falling apart, all these things are happening to stick me back together again and look better than I ever have. I keep thinking that at this rate I'm going to be the most awesome looking cadaver ever to grace a coffin ;)-Ha, ha! The Dressing Your Truth course has helped me appreciate everyone's beauty so much more, even though I already did think everyone was beautiful in their own way already. It would be so fun to send everyone to have themselves fixed up and photo shot like a model...So, when I become a millionaire, I will be sending you all to go through this course.  (:. (If you're really interested, you might not want to wait around for that- Just sayin'!) 
so, ya wanna see my pictures?! I will try to post them now. Wish me luck, this is the techy part which is the part of my life that has simultaneously fallen into an abyss along the same timeline of this beautiful energy type saga. I'll spare you those details (today anyway).

 There's more but this was so painful to try to postl, I may regress to snail mail and telephone calls...


Lillybet said...

I am so glad you are feeling good about yourself. I love the magazine picture and all the others too. I know I should give some serious thought to this so maybe I will. Thanks for sharing.

4boyzmdmom said...

Well, I've always thought you are beautiful but you do look amazing in those pictures! Love all the clothes, too. I should not go near that store; I would definitely waste all my money! :)

Shellie said...

Actually, most of those clothes I got at Savers and DI, no kidding, the yellow jacket and the neclaces and earrings are from the store. The navy jacket I got with a gift certificate at the mall, the rest are second hand.

Shellie said...

Actually, most of those clothes I got at Savers and DI, no kidding, the yellow jacket and the neclaces and earrings are from the store. The navy jacket I got with a gift certificate at the mall, the rest are second hand.

fzillion said...

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