Sunday, September 2, 2007

Meringues for dinner

I'm making meringues for dinner. Why? Because I went to a class this week called Cookies for Dinner. These are supposed to be really healthy cookies because they have all the grains known to man ground into them. The class was to teach us how to use all these healthy things like barley, millet, amaranth, freshly ground wheat, etc.
I was set to get everybody so healthy! Who knows... maybe it will cure all our neurological difficulties and body aches and pains. Maybe our only problem is that we are O.D.-ing on preservatives and stuff. Unless of course we turn out to have Celaic disease, in which case this diet should have enough gluten to kill us. Maybe we should try the gluten free, casein free diet first, after all a few of us are at the least lactose intolerant. That should eliminate most of the grains and all the milk products from our diet. Then we must remember that C. really wigs out on too much sugar so we should keep sugar to a minimum at our house instead of resorting to living on it. Then maybe all our speech problems, not to mention a lot of potential heart problems would be cured if we replaced all that with a diet high in Omega fatty acids. J. should limit his salt intake for Meniere's and we both need to watch our fat intake for cholesterol's sake at our age, so that leaves us with FISH, lots of fish, doesn't matter that E.'s motto is "Fish are our friends, not our food" and everyone but me and G. usually pass on the stuff. They can fill up on the berries and nuts and salad. And the chocolate, that will still be left, since it is the most important food group of all, but since it will have to be bittersweet chocolate, I will have to eat most of that myself. After all, I'm the one who needs the magnesium and calcium, and the high inducing chemical in it that makes you feel like when you're infatuated. The rest can just absorb it by osmosis.
But just in case no one needed to avoid gluten, and just to find out what to do with all the grains that don't have gluten in any case, I went to the class. It was interesting. I learned a lot of things that I'm not sure what they have to do with grains, like the foam under your carpet can be ripped up and wrapped around you if you are in an emergency situation and freezing to death. Too bad we got rid of all the carpet...(note to myself, just move south before having any such emergencies). Then I learned about how healthy it is to drink barley water with a 1/2 tsp. of cream of tartar every day.
I know all about barley water. Chileans drink mote con huesillo. Barley with a peach pit; so delicioso (gag!). Let's see, if we just replace that pit with cream of tartar, we are talking nasty! But the cream of tartar is so nutritious, and has all this potassium. Of course, I bet a banana has more, but they do spoil so fast, and make such big messes around our house (don't get me started digressing on THAT one!) So of course the first thing that comes to mind, is making meringues. They're sort of cookies and they use cream of tartar, too. And I never realized how nutritious they could be! Thank goodness I went to that class!

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