Monday, October 15, 2007


Today bloggers all over the world are blogging about the environment. I would just like to say that many conservative people for some reason always just argue that global warming is bunk and go on their merry way. They say things like, when told their highway plans might endanger some fish in a lake nearby, "Who cares about fish, we're talking about people." Forgetting of course that people eat fish and there's this delicate food chain thing going on. Then the opposite camp goes even more berserk about all the damage we are doing our planet and get downright scary about it at times: they would save the whales before saving their children. I would just like to speak out with a voice of reason in all the chaos.
Does it matter what's going on and what isn't? In the end, I think we would all like our planet and all the creatures on it especially us, to live as healthily and happily and with as much beauty as we can. Maybe erring on the side of caution isn't such a bad idea. I think we all can at least agree that we could do a better job, that many things we do are harmful to US not to mention the planet or the plants or the animals, or the single cell life forms. SO, let's do all we can to encourage the big changes like developing healthier technologies for transportation and production. Lets all just look for one little thing we can change in our every day actions that will help conserve and preserve life. (O.K., so I really messed up when I had my kids: they have single handedly tried to drain Utah Lake with their water usage during droughts, but we're working on them, and after all, they are our future and without them, what would it matter?) Let's start really caring more. I believe Adam (and his posterity) were told to take care of the Earth but for some reason, since those who believe in Adam believe that this life is so fleeting, they often don't seem to care anyways. I mean, we're headed for Armageddon anyways, or something like that. I just think that maybe God will ask us how well we cleaned our room before he gives us any mansions, so maybe it does matter. I think I've got a lot of room for improvement! If you've seen my room, you know what I mean.

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