Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random Updates

We went to speech as usual. Then we went shopping. We got a bunch of used pants at Savers and went to Target looking for something, and then trying to extract D1 from the store without a transformer. They are back. Then we ate pizza and D1 had another meltdown over the drinks. C. kept asking me if he could have a skateboard, and when he could have one, and if this or that could he... I was calm. I am so proud of myself. I not only acted like a model parent, I actually felt like one inside too. I must be growing up. That, and there was only one kid misbehaving at a time, which usually helps tons. Maybe they are growing up.
We went to the dentist. Me and the four boys. It was delightful. D1 has E.'s mouth so his teeth coming in will not all fit in his mouth. He has a nice set of cavities in his back teeth since he can't stand toothpaste, except the watermelon kind he can slightly tolerate. D2 screamed over getting his teeth brushed. He has 1 cavity. Hooray. We are going to use the best and most expensive sedative for this one stupid hole in his mouth because just cleaning his teeth is nearly impossible. The rest cooperated but were their usual bouncy selves. G. was perfect, teeth coming in straight, no cavities, I just wish I could sedate him for these visits so he wouldn't get everyone else so wound up. C. had just 1 cavity. I spend the whole time trying to get them all not to touch the instruments. G. sprayed D1 with the water pic wand anyways. D1 Jumped on the end of the chair while the dentist was poking around D2's mouth. It went better than usual. The dentist always comments on how I really have my hands full. Yeah, so someday I wish they would just whisk us in and out the minute we get in there. E. didn't go to the dentist, she went to the doctor instead because she had the flu. Now she doesn't need the shot. Now I know that if I wait at the pharmacy for 40 minutes while they try to find my insurance coverage, (because it is so much harder to get the ID number off an explanation of benefits because E. lost the ID card at the Dr.'s), and then try to get the computer to let them bill the insurance, I will find out that Tamiflu costs $80 because the insurance doesn't think it is worth covering so all you get is a small discount from the pharmaceuticals. I didn't buy it. She got better anyways. But that stuff works great, I used it once before. Get your flu shots! It's going around early this year. It's cheaper than getting sick! I will probably get it before I can actually follow my own advice.
Now I am trying to decide what to do about my trip to Las Vegas next week. Do I actually prepare these people and make food and leave lists or do I just let everything run amok so they will miss me? Actually, they will probably be so glad there will be no rules for 2 1/2 days and when I come home I will have to pay by trying to pick up 3 days worth of mess. J. will be working the game at BYU so he will not be available much to help Saturday at all. Actually, whether I cook and freeze or leave lists, they will probably just ignore it all and eat junk the whole weekend. I probably should leave for a much longer time someday till they all decide they are better off with me. That might be expensive living somewhere else for a year, so maybe I will just give up on being noticed. One day they will grow up and leave and then they will understand.
I tried to tape my floor. You know, for my scientific study of the paranormal phenomenon of things growing out of my floor. But even though the camera was hidden, everyone seemed to walk out of range of the camera and stuff just grew in other spots instead. Really weird. Maybe it can't be caught on tape. Then D&D decided to make juice. I tried to help, but they got in a fight over what to stir with and the whole project got abandoned. Then D1 came back in later and tried to add more water at the sink but just ended up knocking the whole pitcher on the floor. It was amazing. It's incredible how much juice actually fits in a pitcher. It looks like more on the floor. Especially when it's super concentrated because before adding more water, we added more powder. Meanwhile, D2 has gotten a scoop full of powder to dip his fingers in and is spilling it all over the rest of the house as he tries to get away from me. Did I get any of this on tape? NO! It ran out right before the juice making started! So I have about 3 hours taped of a bench and a floor, with occasional shadows and movement on the side. How exciting! Not too different from our other home movies, which are a series of a kid doing nothing, blank look on his face, to the audio of me whining and begging, "Please do Buzz Lightyear again. C'mon, do it again! Be Buzz! Hey Buzz, there's Zord! C'mon, pleeeeese! Do Buzz again.." or "Smile for Mommie, c'mon, smile!" Etc. etc. I can't stand them. It's like the only time they hold still and I'm too busy holding a camera and begging to go enjoy it!
D&D's teacher came out to the hall to stop me the other day as I left. She wanted to tell me about something. For show and tell D1 brought a transformer. Surprise, surprise. He told everyone very earnestly, My mom bought it for me: She's cute! D1 also was playing with a ziplock bag full of water the other day, which he called "Mr. Waggly". Then Mr. Waggly sprung a leak. He went pee pee I was informed. Why do we even have toys?
One day early this week I unplugged all the T.V's and told everyone to get a life. My husband didn't divorce me. He just said, O.K. I'm thinking, why didn't I do that a long time ago. Then as soon as I went to go grocery shopping, they all plugged them back in. I used to think Rodney Dangerfield was so stupid, but now I get him. I don't get no respect around here.
Lastly, we all went to Cornbelly's Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point. J. deserves a purple heart after walking around the maze with us, everyone running and yelling and doing their level best to get split up from us, all the while G. complaining that no one else will stop and listen to the clues for the treasure we are supposed to be finding. I tried once but D&D were talking (i.e. yelling in English) in my ear, so I gave up. The rest of the stuff was a blast; slides and hayrides, and a big bouncing pillow, and a spiderweb tower. You climb to the top then slide down through the webs and bounce on the tramp at the bottom. And there was much more... Oh the big inflated lizard. You walk in his mouth and get digested and come out the tail. It was mostly just too dark to see where you were going and scared D2's tummy. We stayed till it got too cold and dark.
Here's a few pics:

After 7 or so more shots like this, (E. refused to be a pig), and discovering that the other 4 can't all be in place at once, we gave up.

Are we having fun yet?? This is as good as it gets!


Jen said...

Taking four boys to the dentist! Oh, you poor thing.
I would draw the line at being the pig, also.

Cecily R said...

Random Comments:

*Yay Savers! The 50% off sales are like a holiday at my house!

*Holy Cow! Four boys at the dentist? You are so brave!

*Why does it seem like so much more liquid fits in the pitcher when its on the floor? It lasts longer there too...I'll find remenents of a spill sometimes weeks later. An unspilled pitcher of juice however lasts all of 15 minutes around here.

*Loved the pictures!

Cecily R said...

Reading your profile again...did Tomie de Paola write a book about wanting to be an artist when he was little and getting a big box of crayons for his 5th birthday? I can't remember the name of the book, but I know its somewhere in our stacks of books! It's going to drive me crazy!

Shellie said...

Yes, I think it's called The Art Lesson, if it's the same one I'm thinking of. I really liked that one and another favorite is called Now One Foot, Now the Other (tearjerker) and Watch out for Chicken Feet in Your Soup (silly). He has about 200 books, so you should be able to find him in most libraries.