Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm It!

I just got tagged. I must be a full fledged blogger now. Thanks to Cecily my cyber-pal. I mean, she's a human being, but you know what I mean. I'm supposed to list 7 random facts about myself and pass it on to 7 more bloggers.

1. The first thing that comes to mind is I decorate cakes. I used to make them for every birthday or special occasion. I have even made 5 wedding cakes. Now I just frost cakes and stick action figures on them. This comes to mind because I occasionally do cakes again so I can remember why I don't do them and that was a big part of my weekend. Stay tuned for a cake post.

2. I am a retired basketball player. When I was in 5th grade I won the basketball shooting contest for my grade at school and went to regionals. This is really weird seeing as how I'm a terrible athlete and I was probably like 3' tall at the time, maybe. My best friend was like 5'6". The kids called us the Jolly Green Giant and the Little Green Sprout. I practiced a lot though and tied for 2nd place in regionals. Then I retired.

3. I'm a stack person, not a sink person. That means I can't stand two sinks full of dirty dishes, blocking my way to the use of the sinks for other things. So I stack the dishes next to the sink. I would stack them on the floor before I would fill up the sink with them. Sometimes I fill the sink and start washing dishes and get interrupted and then the dishes sit there in the dish water till it's dirty so I am not innocent. My husband is a sink person. He corrupted my kids. I love him anyways.

4. I cannot think of a single random fact about myself at midnight after 2 weeks of uninterrupted interrupted sleep. That's sort of a double negative there. I also can't speak straight in any language after a certain amount of sleep deprivation. Luckily I wasn't too sleep deprived when I made my T.V. debut on Univision. I was interviewed about interpreting and apparently every time they run out of things to air, they show this episode of Aqui y Ahora again, people are always telling me they saw me a few weeks ago. There, eventually I thought of a fact. Or was that three?

5. My biggest fantasy is to be able to communicate by e-mail with family who have already passed on to the next life. Sorta like White Noise but just the written word and no creepy stuff.

6. What are the odds that two independent interpreters would end up accidentally walking into court with a bra in their respective purses? You don't know, but I do... I also have picked up all kinds of little tidbits in court. For example, If you drink half a bottle of tequila for breakfast, you can pretty much expect the day to go downhill from there. I know you were all going to try that, so I saved you.

7. I am luckier than words can say to have been born into the family that I was. They are all wonderful people that I adore and I owe so much to all of them.

O.K. so I will tag Erin, Victoria, Gerb, Trish, Jen, Anna Maria, and Anne. Sorry guys, hope you haven't done this one yet. I tried to avoid people who I saw got it or something similar to it already. This is worse than a chain letter, isn't it?


Jen said...

I love #5! Wow, would that be cool. Just to send one email to each would be my dream come true.

I said this in a comment on the adoption day post, but in case you don't read that far back, I didn't do the tag yet, but I will!

Cecily R said...

Please don't come to my house in the next hour or so because there is evidence that I am a sink person in my sink.

I don't even stick action figures on my cakes so you're one up on me even with that.

Thanks for the tid bit on tequila. I was really planning on it for tomorrow's breakfast menu, but I don't think I can handle anymore downhill days...

Thanks for humoring me!!

Annette in BC said...

Now I know, I'm a stack person. I didn't know there was a name for it. I have almost converted my husband, but sometimes he still gets away from me and the sink in him comes out again.
The kids of course are a work in progress, and their sink/versus/stack won't show up until they have a home of their own.
Thanks for sharing.