Monday, October 29, 2007

A Few Pics

Here's the classic tooth shot!

The dead stinky dishwasher left, and this is what was underneath. The house was built in the 70's. This is the decade that gave us living proof that hallucinogens and decorating do not mix. On the upside though, I was thinking how much dirt and clutter would disappear on this floor.


Karen said...

Love the floor! haha We had the orange version in our kitchen when we were growing up. And I'll bet it did hide a lot of dirt.

Jen said...

Shellie! My 7 Random things post is ready, but how do you link to people? I've never done that. Help, please.

Shellie said...

There is a little green button that looks like it has a scroll or something on it on the tool bar above where you write your post. You highlight the name of the person then hit that button and then it brings up a window where you write in the address of the like like: then hit ok or something like that and it's all done! Hope I explained that all right.