Thursday, November 1, 2007


Here's the cake story: About a month ago the young women's president approaches me and says they are having an activity that will focus on preparing for and making a wise decision in marriage. So she wants to decorate the room like a wedding reception and could I do a cake? I thought that sounded fun and agreed. Then I didn't actually find time to plan the thing for a while and even longer trying to get the materials together. Finally I could procrastinate no longer as it was Thursday night and the thing was Sunday night. I still hadn't bought anything so I sent E. shopping for me. Friday night I made the cakes. I decided to make it small since we don't have a big budget and so I did a 10" cake on the bottom, a 7" layer on top of that and a little dome cake on pillars above that to give it height but not use much cake. Well, I managed to get the cakes made without much hassle and convinced the boys that they weren't to touch said cakes. I made them some cupcakes to help dissuade them. They spread them everywhere, I'm not sure anything made it into their tummies. Then Saturday I tried in vane to get to decorating, but it just wasn't happening, so I finally decided to just wait till everyone was in bed asleep before starting. So of course no one slept. Not even C. got to sleep until around midnight. So I go to decorate, I'm doing a rolled fondant cake and the flower cutter I needed was gone. I knew I had it earlier in the afternoon and exactly where I put it, but it wasn't there or anywhere else. Finally I gave up and just did a bunch of big pink flowers with green leaves. It didn't really
look like a wedding cake, but oh well. Next day after church I am inquiring around and G. had hidden my missing stuff somewhere and retrieved it. So by then the other flowers were glued on pretty well, except that someone had picked off some leaves and things and it was starting to look scary. E helped me pry the flowers and leaves all off but now there were pink and green spots where the little flowers were supposed to go, so we made a ribbon to go around each base and then pasted the little flowers, white this time to look more wedding on top of the ribbons. The whole time we are beating little boys off with a stick who are trying to get in the middle of it. When I got it all put together, it looked more like the Jefferson Memorial than a wedding cake, but luckily no one was getting married so it didn't really matter.
Here it is:While we're on the subject of cakes, I was looking through my pictures for other cakes and I only found a few, which is weird since I take pictures of all the cakes I do. Where are the other 101? The ones I have of weddings are pretty washed out too, take a look:

Here's some fun cakes:

This cake turned out to be even funner than anyone thought it would more red frosting at our house!
The Angel of Destruction strikes again!


Karen said...

I love those cakes! What wonderful work you do. The Scooby burger is my favorite, I'll have to attempt that one at home.

carrie & troy keiser said...

These are great! I also loved the Scooby one! Good work!

Darla said...

Wow! Nice work! I also loved the looked good enough to make me truly crave a good burger. Hmmm, I wonder if Burger King is open right now! *Pregnancy cravings hit*