Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kid Stuff

I seem to have been to a million different medical visits lately and mostly we're not even sick. Just something about fall. Yesterday was flu shot time for the kids because we were running out of time and we got stood up on Saturday because the lights were out at the office. So glad I got up early. So D2 is freaking out and screaming all the way in after I dislodged him from between the seat and the window in the car and dragged him into the office, where he continues yelling and then says his tummy is scared and tries to eye the door and then hides under a corner table. Then I had to drag him out of there when it was time to go back for the shot. D1 is looking nervous, but controlled. He comes over to me quietly and says, "I'm gonna scream like a boy." Apparently he's heard the expression scream like a girl from Chicken Little from what I got out of the explanation of a chicken and an alien and "Run! and Scream like a girl." After D2 screamed through his shot and everyone else was stoic, D1 pulls up his sleeve, covers his eyes with his arm and says, "ow, ow, ow, HOLY SMOKES!" while he got his shot. He just keeps popping out expressions lately. We were singing in the car and he wanted another song and said, "Hit it Mom!" Then one day they were trying to look at Transformers on the computer again and my computer froze up. I explained it has a problem and Diego immediately says, "YOU has a problem, mommy!" (Thanks for the reminder) He did explain that it is because I turn off the TV on them. OK, I see the logic. Then one day I meet him on my way up the stairs and he has like a little puff ball of batting in his hand and I tell him to come up with me. He says, "Come on, brain!" to the puff ball and follows me up the stairs chanting "It's a cat brain, it's a cat brain over and over. I am really wondering about this child, then we walk into his room and he stuffs the puff ball into the head of a stuffed Cat in the Hat. We all got a good laugh out of that. The one I cannot figure out is he keeps asking where his brother went. You know, the one that is a girl? (No) It's not E. It has something to do with a digging toy, that's all I can get out of the explanation. He has really made a lot of progress in recent months. It's amazing how much more he is relating and communicating and controlling himself! We just got pictures back from school and this is just another illustration. He already told me he didn't yell as much this year. The lights really bug him. Last year:
This Year
Another overheard conversation. D&D are discussing a bug they found. D1 says, "You thinking I thinking?" and in unison the both of them say "Rock!"
Another overheard gem: And save the world? (He's watching a commercial) It's Autotar! (Avatar). And ever heard of Bean Butter? (Peanutbutter)
Yesterday a.m. all the way to school I listened to a chorus of G and then C joining in chanting Fruit salad, yummy, yummy! bread salad, yummy, yummy! Mom salad, yummy, yummy! Fart salad, yummy, yummy! Etc. while D2 yelled out a staccato Dirt! Every 4 words or so. The whole time, D1 is stringing a toy dinosaur up with yarn which he wrapped around the lock and then around the headrest. As soon as the big boys got out at their school, D1 starts chanting, Dirt salad, yummy, yummy! Oh well.

E. made me laugh too, and I can't offend her but our new inside joke is "Gosh!" She also did something amazing. She read a whole book cover to cover in like 2 days. Don't faint. It's like the first time in her life. It injured her. Really, the next day her lower back hurt on the left side. Seems she strained it somehow spending too much time in a weird position. So I'm sure you wonder what this book was. It is called Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson. It's totally for teens, I'm reading it now ever so slowly. The nice thing about it is it is double spaced which makes it so much easier on her eyes, and she read with her sunglasses on which seemed to help strangely enough. It really was interesting to her too, but she didn't like the ending. Oh well.


Karen said...

I love kid phrases! What great imaginations your little ones have. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly Malloy said...

Kids come up with the best phrases! My 6 year old was acting up when he was about 3 and my hubby said, "You are confused, you are not in charge." Tyler replied, "No you're fuzed Daddy, I in charge!"

Janette Rallison said...

Gotta love kids at flu shot time. It's a good thing you wrote down all their cute sayings. They'll get a kick out of that when they get older.

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

You have a very interesting family. You must love them to pieces.

Jen said...

I like the yummy, yummy song. The one girl I'm a nanny for sings her ABC's "ABCDEFG..HIJK M&M's OP..." When I tried to correct her she gave me the blank stare, so I figured what the heck, let her sing it her way!

Cecily R said...

The first picture made me sad. I'm so glad he looks so happy in the second one. It made me happy. :)