Monday, November 26, 2007

Worldwide Wacky Web-Post Secrets

There is a blog called Post Secrets that people send in home made postcards with the sender's secret. It's pretty interesting. Some are kinda racy confessions , some are sad or funny. It's an eclectic mix. Every week new cards are posted. Check it out at

So I was thinking, do I have any secrets? I pretty much tell it all... If I had to make up a post, what would I do? Finally I came up with one:

What's your secret?


Karen said...

You either truly do reveal all, or lead a terribly boring life. And with kids I can't think it's the latter. haha

My secret? I'm not 25 anymore. ;)

Shellie said...

you're not? I never would have guessed!

carrie & troy keiser said...

hhhhahe run out of wheat or flour? :)

Shellie said...

Oh, everything! Isn't it sad? Maybe I'll get released from my callings till I get caught up. :) Now I have 2 containers each of flour, sugar and rice. gotta keep building the storage up again!