Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have a confession to make. I can't stand filling in those little verification boxes after commenting. I bet that's why there are so many lurkers. I often can't type it right and have to do a second one. I feel like such a spaz, and I'm not sure if it's my eyes or my hands that are the most offending parties.
I have found that sometimes they seem to be something like a Rorschach inkblot. They start looking like something, or saying something to me. Does that ever happen to you? Today I had to type in the title to this post in order to make a comment. Does it seem to be spelling out anything if you flesh it out a little more? The reason it did for me is not necessarily because I am insane or I comment on too many blogs, all of which may or may not be true, but because I have a daughter (I won't name which one) who is obsessed with Johnny Depp. Seeing anything yet? It was so funny when she started gushing over him after the first Pirates movie and I commented that he was a very talented and versatile actor who did unusual roles like Edward Scissorhands. Her response to this was, "But that movie is old!" Well, I agreed, but pointed out that he was old, probably close to my age. She couldn't believe that. She got online. She found out he is 5 months older than me. EWWWW! She was traumatized by that for a very long time. Eventually she got over it and decided she could like at least one guy old enough to be her mother (or father, hopefully) . Such is her adulation. In any case, I had been noticing sxy a lot lately, but paid no attention to the other letters. Is someone trying to send out subliminal messages?


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

He is sexy. Mwowr!

I SO, SO hate those verification things, too. I wish the blogging world would take the plunge and try life without them. It's so fun living on the edge! C'mon spammers, try and get me, go ahead. I'll just delete your junk. (I have had exactly one spam comment in two years. I guess my magical, mystical, invisible no spam mojo must be working.)

My favorite (can you tell this is a sore topic for me?) is when peeps have word verification AND they approve all of their comments. Huh? Why are they torturing me if they are going to approve all comments?

I'll stop now.

Jen said...

LOL...I have every possible filter on my blog. Then I know how much people love me by how many hoops they will jump through to tell me what they think.


Jane the Sane said...

I almost always get the word wrong the first time but I have it on my blog. I hate spam. As for sexy Johnny dare he be so ancient??

Shellie said...

Hey, he's not THAT ancient, and if I do say so, he's aging quite well.

The Sports Mama said...


Yes, I was guilty of having the verification thingy on my blog.

Then it occured to me that I HATE typing it in elsewhere. And started seeing more and more of my blog-world friends complaining.

So... I took it off. At least, I think I did. Ah geez... I have to go check now. Grr.

Also? I don't think its gonna get me more comments! :)

Maria said...

You know, I hate those things too! I was thinking of starting a petition to get everyone to get it off their blogs. I noticed you don't have one. Actually, I need to get it off mine.

The Journey Begins Here said...

Oh, so that's why no one comments on my blog. I was thinking that no one ever read it. I will remove it as long as I get STEP BY STEP instructions. Thanks for stopping by. CameronWeddle is the carepage name of the little one with Leukemia. The message today was great (as it always is). As for Johnny Depp, I will have to date myself and say I was a huge Jump Street Fan. I guess that makes me ancient too. LOL! Theresa

The Journey Begins Here said...

Me again. I just got some exercising by jumping through hoops on Jen's page. LOL. Whew, I'm tired! I liked your comment about the laundry. I'd love to hear more about that. (Oh, and I got rid of the letters!) Theresa

Kellan said...

I love Johnny Depp and especially in Edward Scissorhands and he's great in the new movie - Sweeney Todd! I hate those stupid verification things too - I thought I was the only one that had trouble with inputing those letters - you are not alone. I have the verifciation thing on my site - I guess I am under the assumption that it blocks spam - I don't even think I can tell you what "spam" really even is. Maybe I need to reconsider my word verificiation - I'm going to seriously think about that - thanks. Have a a great weekend - Kellan

carrie & troy keiser said...

I am with you on the verification! I can't type them right 5 out of 4 tries! :D Got your right off he bat--sexy jonny depp! :) Very funny.

Karen said...

Good lands, I'd lost you for a while. I don't know how that happenes, but I won't let it happen again! It's good to be back.

And on with the post - I think if JD can be sexy at his age there's no reason you can't be either. Because quite frankly, he's NOT OLD.

And word verification stinks like dead cheese. If I ever become a lurker you will know why. And I will become a choosy lurker, at that.