Monday, February 11, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

I feel so honored to receive this award! I'd like to thank my family for supporting me and my producer, and (Oh, wait, that was the Oscars, right?)
So, Maria here was kind enough to give me this blogger award. I'm so glad she likes my blog place. She makes me feel good :) She has 4 kids and has a real fun blog. It's like talking over the fence with your neighbor; she talks about the things she's doing with her kids and what she's trying to accomplish with them (lots of good ideas), funny things that happen, yummy recipes, you name it! Don't be shy, go meet her.
Now I'm supposed to pass this on to 10 bloggers that I consider excellent. Apparently bloggers need a lot of recognition. I guess it is nice to know that someone likes to read your blog every now and again. Sheesh! Talk about the pressure: How do I decide? Did I ever mention I am a brainstorming kind of person, not the decisive leader type? This might take me a long time to mull over.
So, while I mull I will say that I think that sooner or later I would like to give an award to all the people who's blogs I enjoy. One at a time. And not because someone compelled me to. So if you are a blogger and I don't get you today, I will get you someday. I just haven't invented my awards yet. (Don't hold your breath, I haven't made my own layout or avatar yet either) If you get comments from me, I'm reading you and like you so pat yourself on the back all of you! I'm going to try to look for excellent blogs that don't have this award yet, and that are all running in different circles. Wish me luck, I will return!
First I want to award this to Lisa who has a new blog going, but she has had a column running now for quite a while that is excellent. Click on the tab for column sampler, and read on, they are really great articles. I just love them to death. Then click on the tab for readers and click on her blog. She is an amazing mom with quite the experiences going on and I'm sure she could really use all the support she can get right now with some really big challenges. not the least of which is she has a daughter with Batten's disease. Please visit her and give her some bloggy love.
Next I want to award Sue for having an excellent, hilarious, nutty and heartwarming blog and I also want to award her for taking a big break from her blogging which shows real strength of character. Jen at Lords of the Manor has always got something interesting to think about, learn, and converse about going on over at her blog, so I'll give her the nod here for that.
Keynoter Ellen makes me smile with her way with words, cameras and paintbrushes, and the insane goings-on at her place which make me feel more normal.
Then there's Maddy with this and that to brighten your day. You don't have to be a Brit awash in the US or have an autistic child to appreciate her wit and wisdom.
So, that's 6...this is taking longer than I thought. The ADD is killing me here, I go to look and see if someone has this award yet, and I get lost reading their blogs or flipping on to someone else they refer to and before I know it, I have totally forgotten to look for their award. I think maybe I'm the last one to get this anyhow. If I awarded you this and you already got it, you hid it too well. I know I saw this award at a lot of your blogs but I don't see them now, so I hope I'm remembering OK who got it and who didn't.
How about Rick? his blog is full of great cartoons and things. It truly is an excellent piece of work. He tells all about what's going on with him and his family and illustrates it too! Check it out.
Then there's Mimi at Julian's World. This isn't a traditional blog but a care page, you have to sign in to read, but I want to say that she is an excellent person and her log of life at it's rawest, going through all she has with her 4 year old having a brain cancer and his recent passing of her little son will make you think, cry, smile and have HOPE. She has great slide shows, pictures and poems. She still somehow manages to read up on, visit with and support others in similar circumstances and takes time to read and answer e-mails of all who have questions for her. She deserves a standing ovation and lots of hugs. She is one amazing mommy, wife and friend too. I admire her courage.
The next person is Trish who writes great books and always has good info and recipes for moms and great posts that I can so relate to.
OK, she doesn't display her awards but she has to get them, I will give the last to Alice. She is a class act and the kind of blogger I'd like to become when I grow up. I think she's the standard for a lot of us and she deserves a warm fuzzy after reading not so glowing reviews recently.

Now I have another award!Carrie in the Badlands gave me this! How nice! She is one of the sweetest people I have met here online and her family is incredible. I really want to give this award right back to her, because she is one of the first people to make my day. Her blog is so fun and her comments always make my day too. I wish she wasn't so far away, she'd make a great next door neighbor! Kalynne
is a philosophy professor with 9 children! She writes some really interesting things about philosophy and I love that her children do the same insane things mine do. I think of Pam, who always is so sincere and her comments are so nice and I love her random recipes. Kate always has some fun pictures and recipes I enjoy that have saved a meal, and Janette
always makes me smile. My favorite standup comic (although I'm sure she's really sitting at the computer) Karen often makes my day as does super Karen the Rocking Pony owner. Michelle who's got her own definition of sane is so much fun, I almost wanna live in Pennsylvania. The Burgh Baby's Mom is a great pick me up too, and actually half these people live in PA, maybe this means something, like I'm living in the wrong place? Or is there nothing else to do there? That's OK cuz I could live with the people in AZ too. Well, maybe not in the same house, but I could handle the SportsMom as my neighbor. And Cecily always makes me smile and she's practically in my backyard. There are more but I'll save the love for another day cuz this took me weeks! It was exhausting! Can you imagine what the Oscars would be like if they played out like this? They'd take at least a week! I'm so grateful for this award, and to my family and the producers and the great writers who wrote this and actors who worked with me and now I' d like to pass this award on to ten more actors. :) Wouldn't the tabloids go crazy analyzing all that?? So and so passed it on to X but not Y, so is he just jealous, or did they have a lover's quarrel?? Thanks again!


The Sports Mama said...

Wow!! What a fantastic surprise! I just logged on to read you today and discovered you've gifted me with an award! Very cool! Thank you so much!

I could handle having you for a neighbor, too! :)

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

Thanks for the award! I'm flattered that you chose me.

Enjoy your awards and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Well thank you so much, I'm very flattered if a little surprise as I only ever score at F!

Thank you so much for thinking of me and congratulations to everyone else too.

Karen said...

Look at you with all that bloggy bling! Congrats! And I'm so honored to be listed among the friends that you've passed one along to. Thanks. :)

Burgh Baby said...

Congratulations, and thanks! That's quite the list you compiled there. I'm honored to be part of it!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Thank you. And it's good to know I'm not the only one reading way too many blogs!

Kalynne Pudner said...

Thank you so much, Shellie! It's the first award I've ever gotten! And after the week I've just had, it is especially appreciated :)

KATE said...

Wow, thank you so much!! I feel so special! Yay!! You make my day too!!

Pam said...

Ah shucks! I'm blushing! Thanks for the award!

Rick said...

Wow - you're just pouring out the rewards everywhere. I'm honored to be chosen by you and on a list of noteable blogs.

Thanks for visiting my little place on the WWW.

Victoria said...

Whew, that is quite a list. I'll try to visit some of your friends!

Maria said...

Glad you enjoyed my award, but two awards? Wow!

Theresa said...

Just visiting...anything to avoid the laundry. I like the title of your blog...the part about this is your brain on kids. Very funny. Theresa

Don Mills Diva said...

Congratulations on your awards!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

See I'm not the only one who enjoys reading about the antics at your house! :) Thanks for wanting to give it right back! That made my day! Now I'mm off to read your Sunday soap!:p

Ellen said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you:) Love your blog too although I dont always comment:)

caramama said...

Congrats on your awards! :-)

Fourier Analyst said...

I just got the E award to and I am struggling to find 10 other worthies who don't already have it. I guess I am the last one to get this award!!

Congrats BTW. Having spent some time visiting your blog today I understand just why you got your award. You are a fun gal and a great writer of SOS posts!

Anonymous said...

You don't have Dawn listed. Her kids do some of the same crazy things my kids have done.

I have no idea how I got here. Kalynne commented on my blog after seeing my comment on Dawn's blog. From her blog I ended up at Suburban correspondents site. Then I ended up here. I must be wasting too much time on the internet here at work? :)