Sunday, March 30, 2008

I've Got a Plunger and I Know How to Use It!

It started out like this:
Me (to kids): Go get ready for bed! (Then I go back to trying to really finish finding all my 2007 receipts).
Within a few minutes, teasing and running sounds ensue. Me: Boys, get ready for bed!! NOW!!
10 Minutes and two repetitions later (vocal exercise): The noise in the next room is deafening, and at this point, it sounds like someone might be murdered.
I jump up and stride into the living room, grabbing a plunger out of a Thing's hands. Apparently, a bomb detonated in there. Clothes, cushions , and miscellaneous wrappers are scattered among a field of toys and there are a bunch of bread pieces tossed all over the entrance to the kitchen. Another thing is screaming while Carino has got him in a neck hold and Gigio is bouncing from one couch to the other egging him on with a toy sword.
Me: Did I ask you to go mess up the living room, throw the bread around, pester or threaten your brother's life, then create a scene from "Tornado" out of the living room and drag out the plunger?
Boys: Deer in headlights blank stares...
Me: Well?
Boys: Ummmm.
Me: NO! I did NOT. I said get ready for bed, and if you don't right now, I have a plunger and I know how to use it! I lunge towards the pack and Gigio runs away, screaming like a girl. The Things run off to their room laughing, and Carino starts eating the bread.
Another night of our typical bedtime routine has just begun. Who said idle threats are useless?


Karen said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who struggles with the kids at bedtime. I've never tried the plunger approach though. I may do that tonight.

Maria said...

Oh, that's great! I wish you had it on video!

Joanna said...

Yes ma'am - I'm right there with you on that one! Why do they give the deer in the headlights look? Do they all point to the other one and then say well it all started when...? Yeah I can't stand that!
FYI - toy lightsabers leaves a mighty fine ouch. Of course my kids said this is abuse as I'm beating them with their own toys. They had me laughing so hard they got out of it. Dagnabbit. There is always tomorrow. hehe :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Oh the joys of bedtime!...not!
I'm picturing Rayman Raving Rabbids! {have you seen/played this game? They shoot the bunnies with...... plungers! :P}

Gerb said...

I love it! Sounds way too familiar, though.

Cheri J. Crane said...

It doesn't get any better when they get older. I'll just warn you now. ;)

Great blog, Shellie!

Kellan said...

I have not yet used a plunger, but I will keep it in mind from now on, as we have our share of struggles at bedtime around here too - tee hee!!!!

Nice to see you Shellie - thanks so much for coming by. Have a good day - Kellan

caramama said...

That sounds crazy! I'm not looking forward to those bedtime routines! ;-)

ZogLady said...

HA, HA, HA! Oh goodness! I'm so glad that you wrote to us about this wonderful bedtime routine.... It sounds a lot like our household! *L*

I'll have to keep the plunger idea in the back of my head.... For one of those nights that I catch my girls playing in the bathroom instead of sleeping (UGH!)....