Monday, May 26, 2008

Random Update-Stuff Going On

Stuff is going on here. It's the end of the school year carnival/field day time of year. Too bad no one told mother nature about that, but as we spent the Thing's carnival at the radiology department with Enigma, we missed that one anyways. The Things were bummed when they found out they missed it but then, I was able to tell them we'd go to their brother's carnival the next week. Except Thing 1 got sick and was too busy throwing up to go to that one. The other boys went and had a blast, but then, my brother dropped off tickets to a carnival for a hockey team and wonder of wonders, we were all well and went to that one. They climbed a big climbing wall and watched a magic show and then played on the way cool playground and got free candy and pencil sharpeners. There are a lot of stubby pencils at my house now, but since they already broke the 10th electric pencil sharpener, that is just as well that they love these little freebies. We survived a trip to the library and we only got yelled at once this time. And, Papi took the older 2 boys to see Indiana Jones. He even wore his Indiana Jones hat. I just remember that Gigio peed in that hat when he was about 2 years old so I want no part of it. I could do a whole post one day on all the things Gigio has peed on. I'm bet you're so glad I'm too lazy to do that today. The Things had won student of the month awards at their school, so they had a coupon to Burger King. (gag) I took them so they could get Indiana Jones clutter as a recompense for not getting to go to the movie.
One day I got a text to landline message. I love these things. They don't make any sense, but they're hilarious. "Hey, I'll and then lord smith in training with Jessica, Angelica and Josh and Marlo and yon. " Somehow this was construed out of saying I'll be home at 11:30 and I'm with those kids.
I've just been busy making sure Enigma got in all her assignment and went to all her make-up classes so she could get grades in her classes. She's had work and all too. We also took a trip to see the GI specialist and she will be having some tests to look at her gall bladder. Enigma also had a UB party so we made new scents. Meanwhile I've been trying to get control of some of the clutter and chaos. I'm sort of overbooked. Besides the usual everything I have to do, which takes up more time than I've been allotted in life, I keep trying to find time to sew a weighted blanket, garden, translate 90 more pages of an exciting document, clean out all the closets, get our food storage under control, dump out all the necessary paper clutter without dumping out the document that will one day save a life or an audit or something, iron before the pile reaches the ceiling, make yogurt and granola bars, get ready for summer: this entails schedules and picture charts and summer school curriculum as I refuse to go through the pick up drop off craze that is regular summer school, make babysitting plans, activity and day trip plans, plans for how to keep a manic pest that is alienating himself from all his siblings so busy that he forgets to drive everyone crazy and thus preserves his own life, vacation plans and all you see, and beyond that, I promised to make my kids pinatas, but I keep running out of time to make them, and I keep telling them to save that candy for the pinatas and at this point they are mythical pinatas and no one really believes they will ever happen, but if they don't happen, the stuff will be lying around forever cluttering up my house which just can't happen because the junk drawer is overflowing, and on top of it all, I've got to find my patience because this is not a good time to lose it with summer upon us. I think I got PMS. It's weird, like I find myself yelling and I'm not sure why. The other day we put on Night at the Museum which we rented at the library, and I got so sleepy, I took a nap while the kids watched, and they kept sitting on my hair and things to wake me, and I heard myself yell a few choice obscenities but at least I had the presence of mind to swear in Spanish so they wouldn't know what I was talking about. This will all come back in my face when we finally get to go to Chile and all they know will be...SO anyways, I need a chill pill. I'm not sure where you get them, but there is one thing I am so sure of and that is that they are chocolate coated. Oh, and I'm the boss. Just wanted to remind everyone of that. Thing 2 was so distraught when I pulled that card on him to make him drink in the kitchen that he bawled out, "Don't be the boss, mommy!" It was cute but I was unmoved. Cause I'm the boss, that's why. The Things went to the Charter's Kindergarten orientation thing. What a shock to see that they are taller than many of the students! That's a first for my kids. I forgot all about bringing vaccinations and all. So I've got to dig that up and get it in. We are re-doing kinder since they do advanced enough stuff and 1st grade was full. They are only going to have one all day class though so I am rapidly losing any hope of all day. I really want to find a better situation than a sitter for the afternoons so hmmm. Gotta find some brain cells for that. Like I also needed those brain cells for the Alzheimer's drive. I agreed to invite my neighbors to participate, but that was when I didn't realize that I didn't actually have any so I kept meaning to send a donation myself and I would get these reminders, but I kept forgetting because, my great excuse is, I have early onset symptoms myself. Better late than never!
Guess, just guess if the floor has been finished, by the way. I'm calling it the Pompeii floor for now. At least I can't mop it. SO, that's my entrance into the Papi update. He's physically feeling a lot better most of the time and so his mood has improved right along with it, but he's out of control work wise. He wants to get out of the rut of the schedule he has, 2 jobs and school, so he's going to school over the summer, keeping the two facilities jobs but has added on helping a Hispanic market make bread and empanadas on the weekends and he's started cleaning carpets and cutting yards for a few businesses. He invested in some good machines and off he goes. His schedule is crazy but he's trying to fit us into it as well. Hopefully in a few years the older boys can help with the business and it will all be cool. Anyhow, now he is a janitor supervisor-restaurant manager-baker-student-carpet cleaning-landscaping husband and father.
This leads into my next subject. I keep wanting to time some posts with appropriate times like a mother's day post on mother's day, a Papi post on his birthday, etc, but life always interferes with getting them done on time, so I'm sort of acting like a J.W. by default. Now I have so much more to bond with them over when they visit, I never celebrate things with everyone else. Maybe someday I'll get something done on time, like the post about some great educators before the school year ends this Friday. Stay tuned and maybe I'll make the deadline. And speaking of sluffing off, (Utahn slang, which I'm just using to humor the Utahns cause I don't really use that word) I will someday post another scarred for life, it's just so hard to choose! And Karlene tagged me an eon ago with the classic random 7 things about me, and I've thought of a few great ones but I keep forgetting them all so I will do them in parts.
Part 1: I am the biggest chocolate lover of all the blogging world because I'm the only one so far that has spelled Ghirardelli right.
Part 2: A random public service message: If you want to save the environment by getting people to use cloth grocery bags, don't sell them in the exit area after the check out. I would not buy my eternal salvation in a #10 can if it were located to be seen only after making my purchases. I am SO DONE by then, and I am NOT going back! This goes for anything else you want to sell. Put the checkout at the exits if need be, but don't put anything for sale past the checkout line.
It's getting late and Thing 2 may be seeing a doctor tomorrow if his thumb he smashed by dropping a step stone on it doesn't seem any better. Have a memorable Memorial Day!

P.S. Yup, after lots of waiting it turns out his thumb is broken in 2 places but luckily they were good places so all he needs is a splint for 4 weeks. That's all.


Suburban Correspondent said...

That post should win an award for something, but I'm not sure what.

Karen said...

I think you need help. As in the domestic type.

Anonymous said...

That is funny :) i love it!!!
and yes...i agree that Ghirardelli should always be spelled correctly! It tastes too darn good to be misspelled! :)

Joanna said...

Holy cow! No wonder you've been having stress dreams woman!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

holy cow life is busy! I'm tired just reading it! Ouch on the broken finger!