Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random Update

When we last left our heroine, she was picking up the pieces of her trampoline. Monday she thought she knew what she was going to do, but her husband had decided to rip up all the floors in the main living area of the house and she was obliged to participate in this dusty, scratchy, blistering, sticky task instead of paying the bills and working in the garden. Nothing important... Actually, the heroine paid the bills instead of going to bed and then felt like blogging. I'm not sure what is wrong with her. Now we are left wondering how long it will be before the new floor goes down. Will the sticky floors get covered in kids' crumbs and stop sticking to everyone's feet first? Stay tuned...

Is anyone else perturbed by the name of these stickers? Who is running this sticker company anyways, a bunch of 10 year olds? WAY retro? Buddy, you don't understand the meaning of the word...

I'm so sorry that food prices are going up and that Costco is rationing it's rice and all. It's just because someone found out I recently started replacing my depleted food storage. Really, I'm sorry I did that to you. I have a program that calculates how much you need to store of different items if you want a supply for 3 months or a year or whatever. Supposedly, 12 containers of dental floss will last a year. They didn't calculate in other variables like this: ( I don't think you can see it, but the floss goes all over and makes it difficult to open the toilet lid on it's way to the bathtub and back over to the door.)

Next we move on to Enigma and the Prom tale. First, she was invited to prom by a cute boy, with curly hair, and a curly past, and even though it wasn't potential boy, who was not really dating her but they were not exactly not an item, he would be a fun person to accompany to the dance. Then Enigma dragged me with all 4 boys, MY boys that is, in to a tailor to get her dress fixed for this dance(the one that we safety pinned in place after ringing it up on her body 10 minutes before going to homecoming). Next, a few weeks later, it turns out that cute boy can't go after all, his parents are dragging him out of town. Meanwhile, potential boy, who was going to be out of town with his parents, ended up not having to be out of town, so a friend of Enigma's went to work on him to convince him to have the guts to ask you know who to Prom. Long story short, he didn't have the guts. He did have the guts for something else, but I will leave that story to Enigma. In any case, it turned out to not be a bad thing because Enigma got sick and spent the whole freaking weekend with Mr. Tidy bowl instead. SO, the potential boy story has had so many twists and turns, no one can keep track of it but at this second, he is toast because he's jealous of old flame who wants to be new flame. * Sorry, it took more than a second to post, so now everything's cool again. For the moment. Oh, and Enigma got a new job at a clothing store. She has even thanked me for all the millions of clothes I have folded over the years. She loves the people and the ambience there so far. Oh, and Enigma also tried out for cheerleader at the last minute and even though she's never done tumbling in her life, (because she wanted to quit gymnastics after 1 1/2 months of the lessons that she bugged me for when she was 6 and I was so mean, I made her finish the second month I already paid for before she could quit), and even though she was up against all the girls that have been cheerleaders on the younger teams all through the years and mega gymnasts from all grades and all she could be on was Varsity since she's a senior next year, she made alternate, which means that she did an excellent job and proved to herself she could do it. The nice part about this is mom doesn't have to dish out any money for it and Enigma doesn't have to get up and go to practices at 6 am all summer. The bummer is, mom had to spend an hour or so helping her see the good side of this, and she does miss out on a lot of fun. Unless somebody quits. So, she's still planning on going to beauty school but is starting to think that maybe it would be a good idea to finish all her high school classes first and save some money and grow up some more and not be the youngest one there and be a top dog senior at high school instead. This means she can't flee the state the minute she graduates, but free room and board while going to beauty school is starting to look good enough that she's ok with that. Enigma had her MRI, and she didn't freak out. The drugs must be good because she actually liked it. Imagine that. Turns out, her pituitary gland is overgrown so they are going to keep an eye on that.

On to the next kid...Carino had his birthday. At home we celebrated by ripping up the floor. What a trooper. They had a pinata at school. I furnished 3 of these, some made with my own bare hands. His class did theirs earlier but Gigio's class did theirs at the end of class and Enigma took them out early while I was working in order to not miss an appointment to get her hair cut so now Gigio is going to have PTSD about pinatas, just like Enigma ever since her 5th birthday. They will never recover until I make them their own personal pinata.

Carino and Gigio participated in a massive human singing flag program called "Hope of America." You have to click on that link to see it because it wasn't at my house, so obviously, my camera wasn't there. When 7000 school kids participate, do you know how many cars are all trying to be there at the same time? The traffic was so fun. Enigma and Papi were working so I got to sit through it with the Things. I could have lived without the late start and the too long pre show, but the show itself is pretty cool actually. If you're not in the company of two six year olds, that is.

The Things got a jungle gym circa their birthday, before the tramp incident. Their dad got it so that I wouldn't bother to throw a party he would miss and I would give him a guilt trip over. So the boys drag all the blankets out and cover it to turn it into some kind of igloo or something. On the upside, I think we missed the traditional basement flooding, even though the tramp burning wasn't much better. Maybe we should just call it the Annual Un-Natural Disaster and try to cancel it next year. Ever since the Things turned 6, every day Thing 2 reminds me that they are still six. It is going to be a v.e.r.y. l.o.n.g. year. The nice part of this is, at least he knows how old he is and he cares because any talk of turning 5 last year he just met with a blank stare. That growth makes me so happy, I will listen to him tell me every day that he is still 6. At school I learned the other day that he is a little confused that the paper they had with D words on it didn't have the exact same words that are on the d page on his computer. They had the nerve to leave out the dinosaur, among other things. That explained why when I asked him about the different pictures on his paper he said the picture of a door was a dinosaur. I disagreed and told him I thought it was a door. He said that there is a dinosaur when you open the door.

I bet you think I'm done, but there are more kids around here. We have next door neighbors again after a huge break. The new kids just jumped in and started playing with mine and sometimes they just get all mixed up in the shuffle around here. The Things started out hesitant but now enjoy playing with the 4 year old girl next door. She likes to cook with me and help me in the garden too. Enigma always says she's annoying. I finally asked what was so annoying about her and she said, she looks like "Dora the Explorer" and I hate that Dora! A girl after Burgh Baby's Mom's heart. I laughed. I'm just thrilled she's not like Barney. Now there's an
annoying children's show character. Speaking of children's shows, why doesn't Caillou have hair? As for other extended family members who are not cartoon characters, I'm so excited my sister's house finally got an offer and she has an offer accepted on a new house! I'm glad and slightly jealous that my parents got to visit a ton of relatives in Arizona but sad it was for my uncle's funeral. I know he was ready to go, but it doesn't make it any easier for everyone he left behind. I'm also hope hope hoping that our family fast will help my cousin's recovery from a car accident in a positive way and that soon he can get back into something more entertaining than recovering and rehabilitating.

That's all for now, stay tuned for an update on Utahns Anonymous, more scarred for life tales and the question on all your minds, or at least mine, will Shellie survive the Walk for Lupus this weekend or is she too out of shape? That and other burning questions will be found right here should I indeed survive.


Karen said...

I love that she thanked you for folding clothes. Maybe I should line up a series of jobs for my kids to show them what my life is like.

OHmommy said...

Wowzers what an update.

Sometimes, I too, feel like blogging. LOL. Like right now when I shoudl be washing our kitchen floor. ;)

The Cranes said...

I've always wondered why Caillou doesn't have hair, too! I'm still hoping to walk with you on Saturday, I just don't know what's going to be going on with the house sale/purchase so I can't commit to it. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll be there. Sorry about the tramp--that was horribly sad!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Were they trying to be spidermen with the dental floss? Funny! Love reading your randoms.

Elizabeth said...

Caillou is a WHINER!
For some reason my children always like this show and it drives me up the wall. I could deal with the teletubbies better than this little kid. Ever notice that his parents always "discuss" everything with him. Ugh.
Blessing on the walk.

Maddy said...

Sometimes I think I am very busy then I see that other people are in the third dimension!

Cookie said...

I love the dental floss all over thebathroom! Just please don't let my kids know ;)

Joanna said...

My hubby is convinced that Barney is the anti-christ when we all know it's really Martha Stewart. Tee Hee

I showed hubby your picture of the dental floss and even he said dang - that's messed up. That's saying a lot as he would have done the same thing. :)