Saturday, June 14, 2008

Search for the Cure

I want to share excerpts of a little anecdote in the life of a little boy named Coleman who has a brain tumor. He and his twin Caden are just so delightful, you can't help but love them, and their mom, so awesome too!
The reader's digest version of the bunny foo foo story:

Part I: Most of you who have been with our carepage for a while probably know who BUNNY FOO-FOO is. For those who don’t… This is a present Coleman got from my sister Jan on his first Easter, I think it was- maybe I’m wrong Jan, all I know is he’s had this bunny since I can remember and takes the thing EVERYWHERE.When Coleman first had his brain surgery- Sept. of ’06, Bunny’s ribbon was probably at least a fourth of an inch thick. He twirls this ribbon when he’s asleep, when he’s awake, watching TV, driving in the van; while he’s singing- watch some of his videos and you’ll notice it…. The ribbon is down to a thread that is ready to fall apart any day now. The bunny has been at every MRI, every chemo, every blood draw, every spinal tap, every- EVERYTHING. Here’s our dilemma, if you haven't guessed by now- BUNNY FOO-FOO is MISSING!....
Part II: Okay, the first thing that I’d better cover tonight, is BUNNY FOO FOO. No, we haven’t found him, but I think we have solved our problem, at least I’m hoping we have. Last night bedtime was not fun. Mr. Dramatic was quietly sobbing over Bunny… “ oh where tud ya be? I pom-missed I would never weave you, ann I did. Now what tan I do? I yust doan know what to do.” I tried and tried to reason with him. Caden even went around trying to find every stuffed animal he could get his hands on and throwing them one by one at Coleman. They all came flying right back at Cade.

FINALLY they both fell asleep.
This morning went great…then Coleman got tired, naptime came and so did the quiet sobs, “Oh how tan I wiv wif-out my Bunny? I hope he’s otay, I tan’t bee-weeve how mush I miss him. Will I ever see him adain? How am I su-poze ta do ANY fing wif out him, I doan fink I tan!” … for some reason, I had reached my breaking point. I could not stand the tears and sobs any more- and locked myself in the bedroom and started to cry…and pray. ALL over a bunny, but I asked God if we could please just find the bunny, that Coleman had been through so much, and all he wanted was his bunny. It was torture for me to sit and listen to him sob....
After we sat there for a while, I told him to go get Bunny Fee Fee. He started in about how it wasn’t the same, but I went and got Caden’s bunny and looked at the tag. I could barely make out the word CARTERS…so online we went.
I looked at the carter’s website. Nope. Target- where my sister thought she had bought the bunny FOUR years ago,…I know, a long shot…NOPE. I figure- Ebay…why not, I type in Carters stuffed bunny. Lots of PINK bunnies show up, so I try Carter’s Blue Stuffed Bunny. Lots of blue ones, but not the Foo-Foo, until we scroll down to THIS:
(picture of the bunny!)
Coleman screams, “THERE HE IS! But he wooks band new! I bet daddy went an dot him all fixed for me!” I told him Bunny was getting pretty tattered up, and his stuffing was falling out, so I bet he went and had a stem cell transplant and peeled all his old tattered material off and is brand new again just like you Coleman!
IT WORKED! Coleman said, “I doan know WHAT he did, but whatever it was, HE WOOKS DOOD!”
He sat for an hour and stared at that picture with a smile on his face, so wide it almost knocked his ears off! He touched the screen, he said, “mommy? WOOK he’s wavin at me!” He was so happy…

Part III: (Thanks to his aunt Barb):

Isn't he adorable? I so want this miserable stem cell transplant he went through to work! If you want to read more about him, his carepage is here.

So many kids suffer so many ways, I know cancer is just one of them, but it is a terrible one. One I wouldn't wish on anyone, especially a child or their families. I know there's no way to end all suffering, but I do think we shouldn't turn our heads and ignore it, rather, we should reach out and help with compassion any way we can. We have come so far in our research and treatment of these diseases, there may well be some really great breakthroughs on the near horizon if we can just keep the wheels turning in that direction.

Take a moment to watch this video Julian's mom, Mimi made.

Now, here's some things you can do to help. Sign this petition here.

Or you can donate to help search for a cure here.

Or you can click on It's 4 the Kids at the top of the sidebar and either buy a gift or offer your talents to help them earn more money for the kids.


BoufMom9 said...

Oh My! That video of the bunny was just adorable! Such a sad sweet story.
I know all too well about cancer and children. My mom's best friend has a granddaughter who is 18 months old and diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. It is just the saddest thing I have ever been witness to. :(

Kellan said...

That video is so precious - aren't they the most darling boys!!!! I loved this - thanks so much for sharing this special boy!

Take care and have a good day - Kellan

La folle maman said...

The Bunny Foo Foo story is very touching. A friend's nephew died due to cancer last year. It was heartbreaking for them and I can't imagine the amazing strength one needs to see their child through such a thing. Will definitely donate to the charity and sign the petition.

Anonymous said...

Aaaw! Adorable video!!!
Man....posts like this make me think about things a lot....

thanks for the wake up call. I am going to go hug my kids & thank Heavenly Father for blessing them with such good health!!!!

Jen said...

Thank you for posting this!

carrie & troy keiser said...

I could watch the video, kept giving me an error message. :( Thanks for sharing this story. You are so involved in many different causes.

Mama's Losin' It said...

This was so sweet!

I know what you mean about cancer. I've known too many people affected by it...but when the babies are touched it's especially difficult. I'm off to go check out those other links...

caramama said...

What a sweetheart! I'm so glad his mom found another bunny foo foo. The joy on his face when he was snuggling it!

I will look into that charity. Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

The first video is so sweet, the joy on his face when he snuggles that bunny! And your boys are just adorable.

But the second video, wow was that hard to watch. It's just not FAIR that children have to die from cancer. I'm checking out the links you posted.

Theresa said...

I love these two families like they are part of my own. I do feel like that!

Thanks for posting this.

Love T

mommeeof9 said...

My sister's kids both had loveys. Her son lost/wore out his toys twice. Both were handmade from a craft fair, so it was difficult to find a suitable replacement. She finally got him to accept a Rageddy Andy doll. His sister had a Raggeddy Anne doll from birth.
I think they still have them. My nephew is 17.