Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'd Better Not Die

When I left off on current events in my household, I had gone on strike. My eldest was supposed to do the cooking and washing and supervise folding and storing of clothes. Everyone was going to do their best effort to quickly yet efficiently get ready in the morning and do their chores. They were going to go above and beyond their normal level of independence and irresponsibility so that mom could take care of the huge pile of tree pulp taking over the house and turn them into useful files.
People, I found out what my home would be like if I were gone, and it was not a pretty picture. There is a lot more work to be done here. So much so that it boggles my mind and I had to stop the paper craze on Thursday and do a full crack-the-whip cleaning session with the kids. I also kept having to deal with the pool, which I didn't get connected securely enough to the pump last week. In spite of that, and work, and the fact that I had to take time out to go to 2 Enrichment* activities, just to get a good meal, and the lights all burnt out in the room I was working in when I was ALMOST done, I now have reduced the mess to 4 boxes of file folders, all categorized and almost all the way minimized. Now that they're in categories, I can further purge or separate each file one by one to something even more concise. Don't withdraw any entries in any contest for a free neat consultation or anything, though, I have a long way to go towards being organized, neat and efficient. So, now that I'm feeling lighter and free from that burden hanging over my head I can go on living, all with new purpose because I know how bad things would be around here without me. That was so refreshing, I can't wait to get the 140 page translation done and purge the dumping ground called my office. FIRST however, we are going to have some fun!
On another sad note, my little sweetheart Coleman had a spinal tap that showed cancer cells. If you have a prayer to spare for him and his family, or would join in fasting for him the next 2 Sundays, it would be appreciated. He's already had his max of radiation treatments, and the stem cell transplant was the highest level of chemo available, so things are starting to look pretty bad. His team will meet and then talk with the parents in a week or so. They also plan to get 2nd an 3rd opinions. They have looked into different clinical trials at John Hopkins and all but so far, there's nothing that he fits the protocol for. If they find there is some treatment they can try, they'll have to weigh the possible outcomes and if it is worth it to put him through more or not-all very hard decisions. I can't stand the thought of his twin Caden losing his best buddy. It would be nice if a few angelic people could stay here with us. You know, to show us all the ropes. His parents are very great, spiritual people and I know they would appreciate your prayers. Also, if you go to his carepage, back a few posts, you can learn about how to participate in their petition. He also has an ongoing pay it forward campaign- do something nice for someone in his name.
Now, I just learned that I may be small, but I think big thoughts! See the Mormon Mommy Blogs on my really old and severely in need of an update but I'm embarrassed how long it will be blogroll over there on my sidebar? If you go to that interesting site, I'm listed under people who think big thoughts. Who'da thunk! I was thinking of maybe thinking big important thoughts sometime soon. I'm not sure how Sue knew that though. The pressure is killing me now to think big. It's a fun little spot and I have found more wonderful people and posts there to distract me from what I should be doing. If you are LDS* you have to go laugh at Seriously, So Blessed- a spoof on newlywed Utah couples.

(* Mormon Terminology)
I got tagged! By Carrie.
Here's the scoop: It's called Weird things on my table, which originated at Ship full O' Pirates. rules are:Any table will do.
Any number, descending order or not.
The things don’t even have to be weird, maybe unique, or maybe just out of place.
Pictures please.
No obvious set ups, unless it’s hilarious.
Tag some folks and link back here.

OK, this is going to be the weirdest thing you ever saw,
I'm not sure how this happened, but there was NOTHING on either of these tables in my own house when I got tagged: 2x0, guys! Honest to goodness. Twilight zone material. Of course, the fact that there were watermelon rinds in the clean laundry pile taking over the family room and spilled scrambled eggs and a plate under the living room couch at the time could shed some light on the subject. Too bad I didn't think to take pictures of those visuals as I was on my way to get the camera at the time I saw them, so I could take pictures of these empty tables. I forced the little people to clean up their mess before that ever occurred to me.
I can donate some old pictures to the tag :
This fits the use everything else as a table theme that we have going here, but what this arrangement was all about, I will never know. It is roughly 18 lids and 1 cup.
I couldn't leave this tag without posting the classic what's on my table picture:Surprise, not a cake! 1 bad baby!

I'll try to come back and post once more before I go have "fun", and on my return I hope to find time to finish the story of falling to my doom for Sunday. If I'm lucky, I'll get some good pictures along the way.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I'm currently in the midst of a cleaning strike and have to admit, it's great fun. Mr. Husband is starting to whine about how he's doing it all, but hasn't quite figured out that he really is doing it all. I got tired of spending more time picking up after him than I do the Toddler, so he'll be on his own until I'm done being annoyed. Maybe the year 2023.

I don't think I've had a table in my house that was cleared off like that in years. Really.

Leeann said...

Cleaning strikes amount to nothing in this house...because I'm the only one disgusted by the disaster.
Praying for Coleman!

Mother Hen said...

You may have to come over and clean my table for me. Believe it or not, I still have socket wrenches on there!?!

La folle maman said...

My strikes have gotten mixed results. The one last week worked and it wasn't really a strike, I was just too exhausted and busy to do the dishes. But someone I negotiated them being done by DH while I ran to the grocery store.

Will say a prayer for Coleman. Hoping second opinions will unveil something positive.

Anonymous said...

HA HA! :)

That baby is sure CUTE! Messy...but CUTE AS CAN BE!!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Well, I am impressed with the empty tables! :) love the naughty boy picture! He looks like he's in heaven with the cake everywhere and that killer smile. Thanks for your contribution to the table tag!