Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random Updates

September 11 is the new Friday the 13th

Really. I know this is a week and a half later, but, I was too busy Sept 11, 2008 to write a nice memorial or anything. Enigma decided to take the twins with her to go visit the grandparents and have grandma make a dress for her. Except her radiator broke on the freeway. Steam was coming out from under the hood as well as liquid. Papi was in class, I was helping Gigio and Carino was somewhere in the neighborhood playing. I called Grandpa to go get her. He can't work around cars much, but they got it to his house. Later I went out with the other boys to get them and after getting fed and getting parts and reaching Papi we decided it was safer to leave her car there till he could get it. We went out that Sunday and ran it to the shop. After fixing the radiator and the brakes, and it still needs some new gaskets. We're working on that.

News flashes!

1. Honor the heroes of Flight 93-they are trying to build a memorial for them. Burgh Baby is helping by giving the proceeds from her blog all month to the memorial fund. The more posts you click on, the more she earns. And, her posts are pretty good! She has a delightful toddler, a fish tank of horrors, and an obsession with scary dolls.
Check it out!
2. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Eat at Chili's this Monday the 29th because they're donating the earnings to research. Here's a link to some moving pictures. Go to Chili's for Family Night!

Why is Shellie so lazy???

I've been lying around just helping people write book reports on various and sundry books and trying to read more books to the kids before they go back to the library. Then I've had to read up on things like Equity Skimming, because there's always a new way to break the law and I'd better know how to say it in Spanish! Plus, I've joined two craniofacial yahoo groups. And the one group didn't have much of anything going on at all when Carino was a baby and I looked them up, but now they went and had reunions at Salt Lake City and Tucson without telling me! Grrrr! Now they're just off in places like South Carolina...And Papi saw a guy at the last BYU game who obviously had the same condition and had a replacement ear, but did he get nosy and ask him anything?? NOOOO!! Enigma met a lady at work once and asked her questions but I want to know how I can reach them and pick their brains!! So, in the groups I am mostly just finding out how incredibly lucky we are that things aren't worse. We could be dealing with artificial eyes, too that you can pop out on the playground at school. I can just see Carino playing ball with one of those... Anyhow, I'm getting some info but I can never get enough apparently. We may never decide what to do...Then I have also had to help research and force, I mean encourage people to do their homework on iambic pentameters and Canterbury Tales and landscape artists and the great unknown explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano. Plus I am reading the New Testament to one kid, the Old Testament to the others, the Book of Mormon to myself and my head is going to explode! Then in my spare time, I have been hunting down old paintings for a church thing on Saturday, sticking up for dyslexics at school (I really don't think people with borderline personality disorder should be teaching our children, do you? It makes for good after school stories though.). I've also been trying to clean up the pool and doing mega experiments in the kitchen, scanning family pictures and fighting the scanner so I can make our family yearbook, going in to help with various classes at school, working, trying to force myself to work on the phone instead of taking naps, and trying to get through the loads of laundry. Among other things. There were a lot of tryings in there, did you notice? That doesn't even touch on the thinking abouts, like thinking about exercising, or thinking that this indigestion could be a heart attack and maybe it's too late to exercise, or thinking that wouldn't it be nice if now that the whole economy is in the toilet, we could redo our whole crazy society and finally do our energy different and stop being willy nilly excessive consumers and instead invest what's left of our wealth on things like education and feeding the hungry instead of on movies and bedsheets in the 3-4 digit category. Just boring stuff like that. Enough about me, except I am NOT the one smoking weed. Noooo! I am not. I may seem like it, but it's all natural. Except it probably isn't helping that I'm getting second-hand smoke from over the fence. And apparently it is permeating the car upholstery and so now we all smell like a bunch of pot-heads on occasion. And a prosecutor doesn't like my perfume.

Papi Came Up for Air

He's having the dizziness again. Know why? He didn't have time to sauna. Do you know what this means? We NEED a sauna!!! WHoopee!! (What was that garbage about consumerism?) Just kidding. We will live without the sauna. For now. Then we went to our dear old friend Marianela's for a eat till you bust 18 de Septiembre celebration (that's Chilean independence day, you know.


Sunday was interesting. Gigio has been having problems with a classmate at church who has some developmental challenges. He kicked Gigio in the shin and then Gigio escaped out the window. While I was discussing the issue with him, and he was complaining about how this kid pesters him and accosts him and all, I made the observation- maybe this is happening for a reason, because you know? This guy sounds like he treats you the same way you treat your brothers. And do you know what he said?- Mom, I don't believe in Karma! (sigh!)

The Things are Still 6!

Yes, we go through this every single day. For the love of Pete, will April 21 just get here??? They are so obsessed with their next birthday, they can hardly focus on much else. By the time it comes, I will be the one wanting to throw a party! But, all things considered, Kindergarten is going great and they are starting to fall into a routine and Thing 2 has decided he loves RULES! There are rules for school and for home and for church and for the car and for the bathroom. He wants them posted. AND apparently, it's more important that everyone else follow them. Plus, God has rules, too! Leaving a trail of cereal to the utensils drawer like some warped version of Hansel and Gretel is against God's rules. Did you know that? Because it spells Sad. He also wants a turkey for a pet (Thing 2 that is, not God-that I know of). Somehow, he decided that he wanted to hatch an egg. So he took it out into the sun. I guess he didn't want to sit on it. I made him bring it back. I explained that without the help of a rooster, that egg would never be a chicken. Then he asked if we could have a hen and a rooster. No, I vetoed that one. Next he started asking for a turkey...

Green Eggs and Ham

Meanwhile, Thing 1 is so mad at me. I made him eat a bite of that violently disgusting casserole before he could eat something else instead and he was so indignant, he was in tears. "Don't make me eat that again!" he said. I watched out of the corner of my eye while he ate the rest of it because, secretly? It was good! Shhhhh!

Shades of High School

Back in the day, our school had a policy that if anyone smoked in the bathroom, it got locked up for a week. Every single time they opened a bathroom, it was closed again by the end of the day. Now, the food police has decided to crack down on illegal food at the computer. Everytime any food is found in the food-free-zone, the computer gets unplugged for a day. Then 2, now 3. You'd think they'd catch on after a while, wouldn't you?

If Enigma Would Just Come Home, Her Parents Could Go to Bed

It never ends. Once you have kids you will never sleep again. She is celebrating a homecoming win with friends and tomorrow is the dance. Life is fun, and there are so many interesting things to do when you're 17, except that you are bored and your life is in the toilet every other second, so you want to die. Catering is a fun class, but we will discuss it another day because, yipeee!!! She's home! G'night, y'all!


Darla said...

Oh wow! Sounds busy, I totally get how your head wants to explode.

Okay, I'm so curious about the sauna thing. I'm Finnish and although it's very common for people of Finnish origin, or at least the ones I know...which is almost everyone I have saunas in their homes, I rarely hear of others with one in their home.

I hear you on the consumerism, I was just talking to my husband and brother-in-law about this yesterday. This slump in the economy, while it is very difficult and I hope it doesn't get much worse, is almost good for our country because we have all gotten too complacent in our saving and way overspending as a general rule. This is teaching everyone how to be a little more frugal, like our parents had to be.

And we too NEED a sauna, even have had a stove for one for about 10 years...but also have to wait, speaking of overconsumerism! :)

Jam said...
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Jam said...

I wish our Homecoming Dancer would come home too! The dance is over and his lot of friends is watching "The Office" @ one of the guys' house....does he remember to be home for the Sabbath? yawn!

Karen said...

Your life is crazy hectic. I live in awe of you every time I come. When do you sleep? Or eat? Or breathe?!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

THAT post gave ME a headache! :D

Burgh Baby said...

You ain't kidding about the sleep thing!

Thanks for the link. You rock!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

This post was delightful, if a little vertigo-inducing...

Are you saying that 400-thread-count sheets are not essential to my well-being? What are you, a Communist or something?

And I think that you are working harder on your kids' education than I am on mine - and I homeschool!