Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mystery Abounds and Be Aware of SPD and Breast Cancer

Life is crazy and to protect the privacy of others, I can't even write about the mystery relatives showing up or anything. Let's just say, I have had coincidental meetings with amazing people. If I could tell about the last week, it would make for great soap opera fodder. I don't suppose any of you are writing a soap though.
Now, I have a tight schedule. I have till Friday to come up with costumes for the kids and then I have a whole 4 days to decide who to vote for. Nothing like cramming at the last minute. Meanwhile the medical mysteries of what to do with Carino continue to unwind their little story of drama. Anyone got an extra $4000 lying around?

Before the month ended, I just wanted to make you all aware of it being breast cancer awareness month. Someone suggested I repost the mammogram story this month, so just click on the link, it won't hurt, I promise!
When I went to get my last mammogram, (which I have to admit was today, because that's how I roll. It takes approximately 6 months to fit in setting an appointment for myself in all this chaos,) there was all this STUFF there for us for the awareness campaign including this little gem to remind us to do a self breast exam each month. I thought it was ridiculous and I also thought I could probably come up with a practical joke or two, not to mention what my kids could come up with if I let them get ahold of it. But I read what it said and it guilt tripped me. I'll get right on it (in 6 months) and it will probably be easier than regular flossing since no one can run off with any of the required body parts the way they do with the floss. Who knows? I could probably just delegate the whole exam to Papi and he could play Dr. I bet he wouldn't forget.
Anyways, here is the mammogram link.

The other new thing I just found out is that this month is also Sensory Processing Disorder awareness month so here's a link to my little post on that since I have no time to tell you anything new about that today. But please don't just skip it if you've never heard of it. And pass it on! Also, check out Three Channel's list of blogs educating others this month about sensory processing disorder. Or this post is good too! And if you want to win a book about the subject, click here and tell Kia I sent ya! If you win, will you pass it on to me when you're done? And if you want some cool sensory stuff for SIers, click here. Now I think I'm really done.

And have a safe and happy Halloween!


Patty O. said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I just read your sensory post. Thanks for all the great information. We actually seem to have a lot in common; my son has SPD and is a sensory seeker and I am Mormon, too.

P.S. have you entered my SPD giveaway? just scroll down on my blog. The deadline in Thursday.

RAQ said...

This is raq's husband, and I'll save you 4 days on the voting thing. When in doubt, always vote for the less socialist/big gvmt candidate. If for no other reason, it is easier to undo what a non-socialist does if it turns out to be a mistake.

Pancake said...

Carino continue to unwind their little story of drama. Anyone got an extra $4000 lying around?

What have you tried? Have you tried Shriners? The Lyons club? I am sorry, I dont recall what the needs are, but try shriners

Burgh Baby said...

How's that for a little cryptic start!

Good luck getting everything done this week, and great job spreading the info on breast cancer!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Thank you for doing this. Sincerely. This is something near and dear to my heart.

Honey Mommy said...

My grandmother died from breast cancer in October 1981. I never really knew her. This month I did a breast cancer bike ride in her honor.

Thanks for posting about breast cancer awareness!