Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Updates

So far 2009 has not been a big blogging year for me. That is because I have gotten sucked into a time vacuum where I am doing interesting things like trying to get medical records and fight over not wanting to pay for copies of blank pages when I get them 3 months later, helping kids plan the dreaded science fair project they needed to have pinned down yesterday and finding hats and gloves, sewing hems, etc, etc. Oh, and digging myself out of the snow over and over again. Not to mention getting myself out of snowbanks I so skillfully drive myself into. If I'd had time those days, I could have written something "I love Lucy"-ish about it but now the details are buried deep in my sub conscious mind somewhere. I have just about killed my husband off with all the pushing my car out. There are some other pressing things I have to take care of like, yesterday, work stuff, but my kids are requiring more attention than ever because it is much easier to clean yourself than to get them to do it, but they are having to work to pay off dastardly deeds, so I can't just do it. Left to myself on a desert isle, I would have several fascinating and delightful things to say, but I don't have time to say any of them. Plus, I sort of had some strange transformation and I have finally started exercising. I wrote about that here.
I can't even remember all the events in all their nutty details, so you are spared that and a laugh or two. Maybe exercise really makes you forget life. Or get healthy, skinny and boring? I better not think about that now. A few highlights.
Nothing too thrilling about New Years. We just stayed home even though we had fun parties to go to because we are old and boring. We were just tired that day. We are excited to start a new year, however.
Enigma had a little surgery to remove some growths in her ear cartilage. She has milked it for all it's worth and then some. She was in a newspaper picture which I'm supposed to post but I'm nowhere near the scanner. Later.
Thing 1 got an infection in his finger and we had to go to after hours and get an antibiotic. Papi had some dizziness again. His jobs have fizzled out for the winter so he just has the one main one while just dabbling in the others. If they will finish the freeze the end of this month he will change areas and schedules and possibly positions so we should get to see him again. This will be good for everyone, but it will be an adjustment since now he will need to get up early and need people to go to bed early. And he doesn't want to live off spaghetti, macaroni, and pancakes so I'm going to have to get more consistent about meals. It should be like when a guy retires and comes home to drive his wife crazy except there will be children in the mix.
The 3 kings brought an ICoaster and dart tag which have both been successes. I sewed ponchos and hooded towels for the boys too. My sewing machine had a snafu, so I went and visited my mom. Sheesh that house is quiet without my kids in it. I may go deaf from the silence when I get to that stage in life.
Papi's birthday present turned out to be a success. That will have to be a post in and of itself, if I can get a picture of it. He took it to work for safekeeping.
Little Coleman died as well on the 5th. We are sad for Caden (and their parents of course, but it is so hard for a 5 year old to make sense out of such things) but we know Coleman is happy with no more pokes and no more 'teemo. He's one brave little guy who Neva Dave Up! They are all a real inspiration. Just wish we could help make it all better. The best way to do that is support cancer research. is a good one!
I'm hoping to get out a March newsletter to family with what we have of the yearbook, which I hope will inspire everyone to give me more work to do on that.
And now I will leave you disappointed with the lack of adventure of the last 3 weeks or so, but you know we're alive and well and hope after a few more fires are put out to be back to writing in earnest. Chao for now!


McEwens said...

WOW, you have been through the ringer! Those poor parents and all his friends, to lose a child ....

The Cranes said...

Family yearbook...Am I supposed to give you something for that or is it just your immediate family yearbook? Remind me. I have a vague memory of you sending an e-mail out about wanting stuff a long time ago.

RAQ said...

Fun to read you again! We need to celebrate Papi's birthday soon!!!

Mary Ellen said...

Gosh, it sounds like you have just about as much as you can handle! I hope you can find time to tell us about it all soon - some of your adventures sound fun.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

life gets in the way of things,huh? sorry to hear about him loosing his battle,but as you said he is in a lot better shape.
Miss you fun stories,but it is easier to catch up! :)