Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Love Triangle-Kindergarten Style

The story begins about 3 weeks ago when, as we got out of the car after coming home from school, Thing 1 conspiratorially told me, "Mom, I love Alyssa." Ah, puppy love. How cute! Later that evening, he was telling me he had a hard day, that Nicholas pushed him down when he got up from nap time and he was chasing him around saying, "Why did you kiss her?"
-Um. Wait, back up. Did you kiss somebody?
-Yeah, (sheepishly) Alyssa.
-Thing 2 kissed him too! (We still don't get pronouns, Alyssa IS a girl.)
-He did?
(Thing 2 chimes in)- Yeah, I kissed him.
-Really? So you both kissed her? (They nod) Today? Where did you kiss her?
Thing 2- On the lips!
-(Good grief!) No, I meant on the playground or where?
- (Rolling eyes) No, mom, you kiss girls at nap time. (Mom's eyes bulge)
-Do you kiss all the girls at nap time every day?
- No, just Alyssa. Three times!
-(I turn to Thing 1) did you kiss her three times?
- No, just one time, on the cheek. (Thank goodness someone has scruples)
-And you're both okay with your brother kissing the same girl you kissed?
(both)- Uh-huh.
-But then Brandon was chasing Thing 2 and telling him to break up with Alyssa, so we have to break up with him. (This is Thing 1 talking, obviously very distressed that his brother is being chased around.)
-I see. Do you know what it means to break up with someone?
-No. (Both shake their heads no.)
-OK, here's the deal. For now, if you kiss girls, the other kids are going to bug you. I think for now it would be safer to just save all your kisses for your mommy. Save them all for me, ok?
But you can still be friends with Alyssa. Don't let anyone tell you who to be friends with.
-OK. (in unison.)

Later, Enigma finds out what happened. She says to Thing 2, "What about Ari, (previous puppy love around the block-Enigma is set on them getting married.) Don't you like Ari?"
-Did you kiss Ari? (Thing 2 just grins).

The next day, there is talk of Thing 2 holding hands with Alyssa.
Thing 1 is grumpily mumbling in the background, "She's my friend too!"
Next day, Thing 2 is all about playing with Ari.

Fast forward to this week. The Things have a birthday. Their class makes them pictures. Alyssa made Thing 1 this picture. See the hearts? Thing 2's didn't have hearts. Enigma read much into all that.

Thing 1 made a picture for Thing 2. He told Enigma that he is the one in the red shirt. Thing 2 is in the blue shirt and the figure between them in the back is Alyssa. See the triangle? Will she come between the dynamic duo?

Not to worry, because Thing 2 informed me that Aisha is smart, and will you take a look at the picture she made him? She's holding his hand! This is getting as hard to follow as a soap. It would be fun to scan half the pictures. Kindergarteners draw hilarious things. Also, Thing 2's first picture in his book said "You are kind." Wow! Someone thought he was kind! I was all excited. Then I looked down at the bottom and it said, from Thing 2. Well, it's a start.
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Pancake said...

HOW CUTE is all that lip kissing puppy love!!

The Cranes said...

Love was so much simpler in kindergarten! Very cute story. My nephews are quite the charmers.

4boyzmdmom said...

What a cute story! You (and they) will be so glad you recorded this stuff! Tanner was mortified the other day when I told him he had kissed a girl in our ward back in Kindergarten (Not sure why...she's still really cute.) He's still totally in love with a girl he's known (and loved) since 1st grade, though. I'm really interested to see how that story turns out!

caramama said...

You. are. scaring. me.

Maybe I'll homeschool my precious little girl!!!

tommie said...

How fun....boys are definitely boys

my little boy has his first love this year as well. We register for Kindy tomorrow!

Chris said...

Serious Drama! I love it!

Mary Ellen said...

They sure do start young nowadays. Mine never admitted to kissing anybody after they got to public school, but one of mine got in trouble for hugging somebody on the school bus. Ah, if only life was so simple for us grownups.

Wayne said...

aww what cute pictures

great photo friday

shopannies said...

kindergarten love triangle what is the world coming to

The Sports Mama said...

Too cute!

Jeanette said...

Wow, they are starting young. But such a funny story. Too cute.

Latree said...


hahaha... kids are really funny!

Maggie May said...

Lovely pictures. What sweet love.

My youngest granddaughter & her best friend (4yr olds) spent an afternoon at nursery painting one picture between the two of them. Then they asked the teacher to cut it in half & each took their piece home!

Cathy said...

HAHAHA! What a funny story! I do not look forward to these days...what drama!

Emily said...

So funny! That was one serious love triange. I had a hard time keeping up!

Robyn said...

Quite a little soap opera there:)
Cute pictures.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Oh. My. Goodness! Watch out UT the things are in love! :)

Jillien said...

TOO CUTE!! puppy love is still a couple of years away for this family; must be fun, though.

Thank you for visiting my page!!


3 Bay B Chicks said...

At what age do we stop expressing our emotions through art? After reading your post, it seems like such a civilized way to communicate.

Absolutely lovely post! I suppose that we really do learn everything we need to know in kindergarten.


Rajesh said...

Interesting story

Mom24 said...

What a great Photo Story. So cute.

lisaschaos said...

Wow, what a Soap! Kindergarten? All this is happening in Kindergarten?! Wow! Kids just keep growing up faster. :)

Jen said...

Ha ha ha that is SO cute! We have elementary school romance here all the time--huge love triangle (trapezoid actually) on my block, since there are at least 3 boys who liked the same girl at one point.

Heather Justesen said...

Funny! Don't you just love little-kid love and all it's daily (sometimes hourly) changes? I love what you said about saving all their kisses for mommy--good call.

Good luck with your little Romeos!

Krystyn said...

Oh to be in kindergarten again! Super cute.

Momisodes said...

Wow! This is some serious drama. I could totally see this in a reality show :)

Anonymous said...

Awe, to be young again.
Hey, thanks for all your great comments on Healthy Divas. Want to host a month, talk to Merrianne she got this whole thing started. I am sure you can have what ever month is in need of a hostess.

I love how you cut out dry cereal. I have only been buying cherrios and we put honey on ours. Will have to try some of your suggestions.

Have a great day!