Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Update-First Quarter

Somehow, 3 1/2 months have slipped by without hardly any blogging or updating on what is going on around here. We are still alive and well. I have great stories to tell, I just don't seem to be able to get them written. Maybe I replaced my blogging time with exercise? I figure if I could just rig up a bicycle to a laptop and run it on pedal power, I could keep up with both. So, just a list now of what's been up:

*has been offered a day job and then it has not gone through 3 times. Now he's doing the night and part time the day job, which should eventually turn into just the day job and hopefully later this year be a better job. He's still doing the restaurant and classes on the side. I'm just glad he has work.
*He just got a hearing aid for his left ear. The right is no good for anything, even a hearing aid. He is getting used to all the sounds he never heard before. I really hope this one works out for him. They say it takes time to adjust so I hope he sticks it out.
*Was called to be assistant to the high priest group leader at church.
*Went to the FCCLA competitions, taking 3rd place each time.
*Had 3 interviews with a pizza place, but didn't get the job.
*Has been helping to manage the school softball team and went to St George with them.
*Has been checking out beauty schools with me and we're checking out financial aid now.
*Went with me to the Draper temple dedication (which was good), and the Hari Krishna color festival. She spent over an hour on the phone with me trying to find it. That was stressful.
*Has a different definition of work than me, but that's to be expected I guess.
*Lost a friend in a car accident on Easter. It's been so sad. Thanks to our great snowstorm, she couldn't go to the funeral in Salt Lake.
*Has been in eye therapy, which we hope will improve her reading skills, if she will just stick with it long enough.
*Wants to be asked to prom, dang it! If only she weren't so cute, boys wouldn't assume she'd already been asked.
*Is SO DONE with everything!-Plus, I can't believe I forgot she got suspended for a day. Over someone taking down all the tape the teachers put over their doors at night at competition to make sure they didn't get out... I'm not gonna lose sleep over it.
The 4 Boys-
* Continue to have their assorted spills and thrills, doing crazy stunts, getting into trouble flushing big chunks of styrofoam down the toilet, who knows what down the sink (It's been so fun having all the plumbing backed up at once), scratching up the computer desk, putting holes in their clothes and the walls, flossing everything but their teeth, breaking couch legs, being goofy, making us laugh and pull our hair out. We signed up for track and baseball. Had to cancel baseball due to a klepto spree. The twins are doing pretty good at school learning to read and to kiss. We have lived through several sessions of speech and eye therapy, science projects and book reports. Somehow, we have all gotten a dose of the American revolution and the pioneers through our reports and readings.
* We have all had fun visiting at family gatherings so far. At one, I accidentally kicked a ball with a hamster in it. It is so cute, Papi and I entertained the idea of getting one. Then I envisioned a plastic ball flying through the air with a hamster in it. I don't want to invent Shaken Hamster Syndrome, so we passed.
And Me?
*Not much, other than dealing with all of the above, exercising, getting everyone to clean up and do homework, go to Parent Teacher Conferences, IEP'S, various and sundry projects at the school, translations for the school, work, spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $5000 on medical expenses, doing taxes, refinancing, TRYING to get my own son's medical records and disc of his CAT scan, which thanks to HEPA laws is nearly impossible-I'm so protected, I'm protected from myself!, I've done a few other things.
*Things like try to organize my life and my home (still working on that, but we are making some progress), checking out possible master's programs to enter (Ha! In all my copious spare time!), picking away at the family yearbook and cookbook, KILLING MOTHS WHO MOLT IN MY FOOD!, working on food storage, banning cereal from my house, trying to get our poltergeist, Sighing Sally to let me tape her sigh, joining CHADD, getting called to be Achievement days leader (projects with little girls), reading, and thinking about what I would write if I had the time. Now I have to worry about how to get two birthday parties ready in the next 3 weeks and how we're going to handle our summer schedule.
*I'm afraid maybe I'm raising a vandal, a kleptomaniac, a playboy and 2 freeloaders. I'm so proud. Actually, I'm spending a lot of time trying to improve their possibilities for the future while trying to rid myself of PMS and other debilitating qualities. I wish someone had told me in college to just double major in psychology too, it could have prepared me better for my future.
*If I figure out how to build my BLOGERCISER, I will do posts to fill you in on some of the details in this post later on.
*And now, I need to go, we are having Spring Break. In utter insanity I got Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Set and it arrived just as a 12" snowstorm did, which was fortunate. (I'm afraid I'm responsible for the snowstorm: I started my garden. Wall o waters are supposed to protect tomatoes, but a week of snow? I'll let you know.) Now I need to get the kids away from the Wii. We're off to see the cousins! Take care, all!


RAQ said...

the boys have been great fun! thanks for the update--photos???

4boyzmdmom said...

I've missed your posts. Nice to get caught up! I don't know how you keep up with everything--you are amazing!!

The Cranes said...

Actually, the snow is Nate's fault. He turned on the snowblower last Saturday to let it burn off the gas left in the tank, since we for sure weren't going to get enough snow to need a snowblower until next winter! Hope your garden survives.

Burgh Baby said...

OK, I'm exhausted just reading all the stuff you have gotten done lately. Can I borrow a little of your energy?

caramama said...

You and your family sound crazy busy as usual! I hope you are finding some time to relax.

And I especially love the idea of double majoring in psych in college. I'm thinking for me it should have been child development!